Freedom Caucus will NOT Support Short Term CR!

KEEP UP THE PRESSURE: The Uni-Party is Trying to Crush the Real Conservatives in the House this Weekend and DO NOTHING to Close the Border or Cut Spending. We must keep up the Pressure! Let YOUR Congressman know that you support a Government Shutdown until the Border is closed! Do NOT be fooled by the Phony Shutdown Threats!

Watch the Video below and then CALL YOUR CONGRESSMAN - TODAY- (Click Here for Phone Numbers) and Tell them to Support Matt Gaetz and the Freedom Causus Demands!

McCarthy’s inner circle thinks they have one significant factor in their favor: public opinion. Polling shows signs that Americans are worried about the border and increasingly skeptical of sending taxpayer money to Ukraine aid — good news for Republicans eager to win the messaging war.

Expect McCarthy to continue leaning into that frame, even if his members won’t. “If [Democrats] want to … focus on Ukraine and not focus on the southern border, I think their priorities are backwards,” McCarthy said at his presser last night.

Watch FoxNews Host Maria Bartiromo Ambush Matt Gaetz to try and get YOU to Stop Supporting Him and the Other Freedom Fighters Trying to Save our Nation! Gaetz is not having ANY of it! The UNI-PARTY is lying to US AGAIN! Gaetz is exposing them and FoxNews who want NOTHING to Change! Watch this and then ACT - TODAY!


Breaking: Trump Demands Government Shutdown as McCarthy Tries to Avoid One


House Freedom Caucus Demands Passage of Appropriations Bills By September 30th Deadline that Must Includes Four Republican Priorites


by Arjun Singh,, August 22, 2023


The House Freedom Caucus has issued a list of demands for 12 appropriations bills that will be considered by Congress in September, which must be passed to avoid a government shutdown, according to a press release issued on Monday.

The Caucus has often clashed with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and other Republicans on government spending, arguing for more cuts and the inclusion of conservative priorities in legislation. On Monday, the Caucus issued four demands of the appropriations process, indicating that they will not vote for a spending bill excluding their demands in a narrowly divided House, according to a press release

Watch the Video of the INVASION Going on Right NOW on our Southern Border that MUST BE STOPPED NOW!

The Caucus announced it would not support any funding bill that does not “include the House-passed ‘Secure the Border Act of 2023’ to cease the unchecked flow of illegal migrants, combat the evils of human trafficking, and stop the flood of dangerous fentanyl into our communities.” The Secure the Border Act, passed by the House in a party-line vote on May 11, includes provisions to construct a wall along the border between the United States and Mexico and bars asylum applications from migrants who entered the country illegally as well as from those who transited a “safe” third country, which have been strongly opposed by Democrats, who control the Senate.


President Joe Biden has vowed to veto the Secure the Border Act if it ever passes Congress.

The Caucus’ second demand is that House Republicans “[a]ddress the unprecedented weaponization of the Justice Department and the FBI,” likely referring to the GOP’s broad criticism of the prosecution of former President Donald Trump by the Department of Justice (DOJ). Trump has been indicted by DOJ Special Counsel Jack Smith in two jurisdictions, Miami and Washington, D.C., related to his possession of classified documents and attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

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Its third demand is that appropriations bills be used to “end the Left’s cancerous woke policies in the Pentagon undermining our military’s core warfighting mission.” Congressional Republicans have previously criticized the Department of Defense for advertising aimed at recruiting LGBTQ individuals and reading lists including books by race-conscious authors.

The Caucus’ final ultimatum is that it will “oppose any blank check for Ukraine in any supplemental appropriations bill.” Biden submitted a supplemental request for monies to Congress on Aug. 10 that included $24 billion in aid to Ukraine, which has been opposed by many in the Caucus who argue that the United States should not spend its money to support the country in its response to ongoing Russia’s invasion.

Ronny Jackson warns McCarthy losing speakership 'inevitable' if he doesn't cave to conservatives on spending

Congress will need to pass all 12 appropriations bills by Sept. 30 to avoid a government shutdown. The Caucus has warned that it will not vote for a continuing resolution, a stop-gap measure that temporarily funds the government, at current levels of spending, which it opposes — a demand likely to be opposed by Senate Democrats.

“[W]e don’t support any kind of play to jam against the holidays that would allow Senate Democrats to gain leverage, [such as] an omnibus, or a long-term continuing resolution,” said a spokesperson for McCarthy to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “Any short-term CR would only be necessary as a way to continue working through regular order on bills that include Republican priorities.”


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