WTPC Press Release on DeSantis Announcement to run


For Immediate Release: Wednesday, May 24, 2023 
Contact: Tom Zawistowski, info@WethePeopleConvention.org

As DeSantis Declares Run for President WTPC Continues Push for Unity Ticket in 2024 Election

Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the national We the People Convention (WTPC) organization, acknowledged Florida Governor Ron DeSantis' expected announcement of his run for President, but continued his organization's push for a Unity Ticket in 2024 with Trump as President and DeSantis as Vice President. The WTPC paid for a full page print ad in Monday's Miami Herald Newspaper publicly asking, and making the case, for President Donald Trump and Governor Ron DeSantis to come together and run on a unified ticket in the 2024 Election. The ad was placed in response to a national Rasmussen Poll that showed a Trump as President and DeSantis as Vice President ticket would defeat a Biden/Harris Ticket 51%-43%. Despite tens of thousands of calls and emails from voters to DeSantis and Trump over the past two days, DeSantis has decided to run against President Trump in the 2024 Republican primary.

Zawistowski said, "First, I want to thank the thousands and thousands of Patriots across America who made calls to Ron DeSantis and wrote to President Trump in the past two days urging them to come together and forge a Unity Ticket that we all could support in 2024. I assure you, they got your message. Tonight's expected announcement by Ron DeSantis that he intends to challenge President Trump for the Republican nomination for President does not change our position. We love both Trump and DeSantis. This primary will determine which of the two the majority of Republican voters think is best able to defeat Biden/Harris in the 2024 General Election. As has happened in the past, like in 1980, at the end of the primary if Trump is the winner it should still make sense for him to pick DeSantis as his Vice President. Only time will tell, and during that time, we will continue to push our long term strategy, by implementing the Heritage Project2025.org program, to make sure that we are on a course to win not only the 2024 election, but two more after that so that we have 12 years to "fundamentally reform" our Federal Government and restore Constitutionally Limited Government to our nation."

America 101: Can the president and vice president be from the same state? Yes!

Zawistowski continued, "Our experience this week in promoting a Unity Ticket has exposed two clear facts about the upcoming election. First, as the Rasmussen Poll demonstrates, the majority of Republicans want a Trump/DeSantis Ticket. In doing media interviews explaining the poll, and talking about our Ad and Project2025.org, we also found that the vast majority of conservative media see Trump/DeSantis as a "Dream Ticket" as Megyn Kelly said on her podcast last Friday. It is a FACT that We the People want Trump/DeSantis. Everyone on the conservative side says they want a Trump/DeSantis ticket, but instead of fighting for it like we did, they all just say "but it will never happen".  There are reasons for that."

Zawistowski added, "We found it interesting that after months of polls showing an un-announced DeSantis as a candidate, no one "thought" to poll how a Trump/DeSantis ticket would do until we did our poll? Highly Unlikely. The fact is that the media and the political class want nothing to do with a Trump/DeSantis ticket!  They know that it is the winning ticket, through private polling, and it is in their financial interest to make sure that it never happens. The media wants a 12-month long cage fight between Trump and DeSantis because it will drive ratings and readership and make them all a fortune. We found it interesting that not one media outlet, to our knowledge, contacted Trump or DeSantis after our ad ran and asked them if they had been hearing from citizens and asking what they thought about the ad. It was a total media blackout. Their must be no discussion of a Trump/DeSantis ticket! Yet even conservative media spent all day Tuesday talking about Tim Scott and everyone else, except DeSantis, as a Trump Vice-President! Why?"

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Zawistowski explained, "The political consulting class must do whatever it takes to prevent a Trump/DeSantis ticket because they are going to make hundreds of millions of dollars off of DeSantis donors, Tim Scott donors, Nicki Halley donors, and all the rest of them - by running losing campaigns. The Donor Class and the Deep State want to see the same division so that the conservative movement will be distracted by this circus act, created in large part by them, for 12 months while they and the left spend all their time building their ballot harvesting machine for the 2024 General Election. It is crystal clear that none of them, the media, the consultants, the political class, the Donor Class or the Deep State give a damn about what the American people want - or about America for that matter."

Zawistowski concluded, "We the People understand the power of the forces aligned against honest elections and the idea of a Representative Government. We understand that they will do anything to keep us from being able to challenge their power over us. We are determined to defeat them as we did in 2016. We still believe that the best chance to do that is with a Unity Ticket of Trump/DeSantis and we will continue to work toward that goal, and much more, in the month before the 2024 election."
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