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The COVID-19 Select Subcommittee Will Give Long-Overdue Answers to the American People - Feb 6, 2023

House Oversight Chair James Comer is building a killer case against Joe Biden - Feb 6, 2023


House About to Expose Massive Government Censorship - Feb 5, 2023


HERE WE GO: House GOP Issues First Subpoenas To Merrick Garland And Christopher Wray - Feb 4, 2023

DHS to Allow Border Agents to Testify on Border Crisis After Subpoena Threats - Feb. 2, 2023


DOJ rejects Jordan info requests on Biden classified docs by citing special counsel appointment - Jan 31, 2023


Treasury blocks House Oversight committee from Hunter Biden records - Jan 27, 2023


McCarthy Throws Schiff and Swalwell off House Committees - Jan 24, 2023

Kevin McCarthy Pushes Back on Reporter Questioning Decision to Remove Schiff and Swalwell From Intel Committee - Jan 23, 2023

House Republicans demand search of Biden's Senate records in classified documents case - Jan 24, 2023

Jim Jordan Commits to Exposing Jan 6th Prisoner Mistreatment in Congressional Hearings - Jan 16, 2023


Comer: Biden Family 'Compromised,' Must Learn If China Had Access to Classified Docs - Jan 13, 2023


House GOP Wastes No Time, Takes Action to Hold Ousted Twitter Execs Accountable for 'Suppressing ... Information About the Biden Family' Jan 13, 2023


Kevin McCarthy prepared to release all Capitol footage of Jan. 6 protest - Jan 12, 2023


House Votes To Block Biden From Selling Oil Reserves To China - Jan 12, 2023


House Moves to Impeach Mayorkas - Jan 11, 2023


BREAKING: McCarthy CONFIRMS News About Schiff, Swalwell, And Omar - Jan 11, 2023


Republicans pass their first abortion bill requiring doctors to provide medical care for babies who survive attempted termination - with 210 Democrats voting against - Jan 11, 2023


House Speaker Fight is HUGE WIN for MAGA Movement! This is What we Won! Jan 9, 2023


New House GOP majority PASSES rules package as Negotiated with only one Republican defection - January 10, 2023

by Elizabeth Elkind, MSN.Com, January 10, 2023

The House of Representatives passed a rules package Monday night 220-213 with relatively little drama as the first order of business for House Speaker Kevin McCarthy's new majority. 

The 55-page package includes some, but not all, of the concessions McCarthy made to the group of 20 House Republicans to get his speakership bid across the line early Saturday morning and after 15 floor votes. 

It includes the motion to vacate provision, which allows just one member to move to remove the House speaker - one of the top conservative demands.

It also does away with proxy voting and virtual participation in Congressional committee meetings - which Democrats put in place to deal with the spread of COVID in the Capitol complex. 

'For far too long the House allowed members to do their jobs from home without ever setting foot in Washington,' Republican Rep. Tom Cole said on the House floor. 

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Cole is taking over the chairmanship of the powerful House Rules Committee and went through some of the changes included in the rules package on the House floor before voting kicked off Monday night. 

He noted that with Republicans taking over committee leadership, the select committee that had been investigating the COVID-19 pandemic would reorient and be focused on looking into COVID's origins and how shutdowns adversely impacted the country.  

The House Republicans are also creating a select committee on China competition, he said. They will also look into the so-called 'weaponization' of the Department of Justice. 

The new rules included a number of provisions in line with fiscal conservatism. 

Instead of what Democrats called 'PAYGO' - pay as you go - which required legislation that added to the deficit to come with tax increases or spending cuts, Republicans are instituting 'CUTGO,' which means only spending cuts can offset mandatory spending increases. 

House Republicans doubled down on not hiking taxes by including in the rules package a threshold of three-fifths of the body to implement any new tax increases. 

Republicans were also suspending the so-called 'Gephardt Rule,' which automatically raised the debt ceiling when a budget was passed.

They brought back the so-called 'Holman Rule,' which allows Congress to amend a spending bill by cutting programs, firing federal employees or reducing their salaries.

Why the House Speaker Fight is a HUGE MAGA WIN!

All 212 Democrats voted against the rules package. 

Only one Republican, moderate Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas, voted against it. 

His fellow Texan, Rep. Dan Crenshaw, did not vote. 

Moderate Republican Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina ended up voting for the package after initially saying she was on the fence.  

House Progressive Caucus leader Rep. Pramila Jayapal called it a 'rules package for MAGA extremists,' in a floor speech. 

Monday marked the House's first day back in session after Friday night and Saturday morning's dramatic showdown that eventually allowed for McCarthy to capture the speakership. 

The House is also vote Moday night on an IRS bill that rolls back money to hire 87,000 IRS Investigators.



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