House Press Conference Shows Evidence of Biden Corruption

Rep. James Comer’s second report lifts veil on money from Romanian corruption figure, direct Chinese payments

NY Post: Deep State can’t cover for scale of Biden corruption - May 10, 2023

by John Soloman,, May 10, 2023

The House Oversight and Accountability Committee on Wednesday directly challenged President Joe Biden’s claims about his family’s overseas business deals, providing fresh evidence son Hunter Biden got money directly from China and was involved in a business deal with a Romanian figure accused of corruption.

The information also appears to show the first son helped arrange for one of his foreign business associates to meet with his father’s vice presidential office.

In his second interim report, committee Chairman James Comer, R-Ky., said his panel was increasingly concerned that Hunter Biden and his partners engaged in a pattern of making lucrative business deals with foreign figures suspected of corruption in countries for which his father had official U.S. policy responsibilities.

That pattern was first exposed years ago with a deal with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings that U.S. officials deemed corrupt.

"The committee has uncovered evidence indicative of influence peddling and financial deception warranting further investigation and legislative solutions," Comer’s panel wrote in a 36-page report.

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For example, the report provided fresh details on a series of transactions between 2015 and 2017 with a Romanian businessman named Gabriel Popoviciu, whom the committee said was charged and convicted by Romanian prosecutors with a bribery-related offense.

"The money stops flowing from the Romanian national soon after Joe Biden leaves the vice presidency," Comer said during a news conference Wednesday. "This is a pattern of influence peddling."

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White House spokesperson Ian Sams responded to the Republican report by stating in a memo that Comer's probe is "clearly an evidence-free, politically-motivated 'investigation."

He also said Comer has a "long pattern of making absurd claims that President Biden has made governing decisions not in the interest of America, but of the Chinese Communist Party, using baseless claims, personal attacks, and innuendo to try to score political points."

The committee report appears to show that payments to companies tied to Hunter Biden began from the Romanian businessman shortly after then-Vice President Joe Biden met with Romania’s president at the White House in September 2015 to discuss "anticorruption efforts and rule of law" a little over a year after Joe Biden made a similar speech in Romania.

"The Committee is further concerned that while Vice President Biden advocated publicly for anti-corruption policies in Romania, bank records show Biden family members and business associates were simultaneously reaping in significant amounts of money from a Romanian individual at the center of a Romanian corruption scandal," the report reads.

The report also states bank records show that within five weeks of Joe Biden's meeting with the Romanian president a company named Bladon Enterprises Limited – Popoviciu’s Cypriot company – began making deposits into a bank account of a company named Robinson Walker LLC, controlled by one of Hunter Biden's associates.

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"From November 2015 to May 2017, Bladon Enterprises paid Robinson Walker, LLC over $3 million," the report states. "Biden family accounts received approximately $1.038 million from the Robinson Walker, LLC account after Bladon Enterprises deposits. Sixteen of the seventeen payments from Bladon Enterprises to Robinson Walker, LLC were made while Joe Biden was Vice President."

The committee said it feared the Robinson Walker account was used to disguise hat some of the monies would be routed to the Biden family.

For example, on Nov. 5, 2015, Bladon Enterprises wired $179,836.86 into the Robinson Walker LLC bank account, and a day later a third of the amount was transferred to Hunter Biden, the report states.

The pattern occurred several times, including in early 2017 after Joe Biden had just left office, Comer’s investigation found.



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