Senator Frank Church Warning about Deep State

Watch this video from 1975 from Senator Frank Church as he Warns US about the Deep State and describes what is actually happening today and how we lost our nation!


Evidence Suggests Deep State Removed Three Presidents


Twitter File Dump Proves that the Deep State and the US Government werfe using Social Media and Traditional Media to Censor Americans and to contriol our Elections! 

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No one can argue with a straight face that we still live in what we thought was the Constitutionally governed United States of America. We do not. At best we live in a “soft totalitarianism” that is not dissimilar from the “Bread & Circus’s” of Ancient Rome that foresaw the collapse of that mighty empire. Our Empire is over as the ruling class is just placating the populous with “stimulus checks” and propaganda. 

At worst, and we are about to see the worst, we live in a dystopian hell of physical, emotional and phycological dominance that will make 1984 look attractive. The age of freemen with Liberty and Individual prosperity is under violent attack as the State acts to crush anyone who refuses to simply be a cog in the machine or worse yet the human fuel of the Matrix.

We American’s foolishly learned that all that our founding fathers provided for us was simply owed to us - that is was not be earned. We just deserved it. What hubris. What ingratitude. Now will learn that we are going to reap what we have sown and we have sown generations of evil from abortion, to the destruction of the family, to the demonization of religion, to the destruction of classical eduction, to the physical, social and mental indoctrination of the individuals by the state. The thought that our nation cannot FALL is simply wishful thinking.

The fact is that our nation cannot STAND without incredible effort and committment and sacrifice. Do we have those characteristics in us? Some of us perhaps. Are we enough? That depends on what strategies and tactics we devise, with God’s help, to win in the end. In war, regardless of the odds, it is futile to project out the future too far in advance for it cannot be accurately known. For the warrior, the soldier, the defender and lover of Freedom and Liberty, we think only about the threats that are real to us so that we can attack them and defeat them without the distractions of “what if”.  Focus. We must retain our focus and we must find targets of opportunity and then exploit them. We must do that every day and then only time will tell if it was enough to win. 

Stay focused. Spend you time searching for ways to win. Take over the local school board. Take over your townships or town or city or County. Elect a Sherrif who understands his authority under the Constitution.  Raise money. Raise supporters. Educate you community. Educate yourself in the skills necessary to fight and win. Then fight these insidious attacks by exposing them and providing more attractive options to your fellow citizens. 

I don’t presume to have all the answers. I simply have guiding principles. We can’t lose if we never quit. We are careful to choose to fight the fights that we are highly likely to win and are worth winning. We respect our opponents abilities but do no fear them. We trust that God has a plan and that we simply have a role to play in that plan. We commit to play that role without question and with full faith that it is what we were put on this earth to do.

Do not fear. Fight. Never give up!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention
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