Steve Bannon Arrested & Charged in New York

Soros Funded Prosecutor Goes after Steve Bannon with Dubious Case for Political Reasons. Bannon pleads Not Guilty says "I am never going to stop fighting. In fact, I have not yet begun to fight. They will have to kill me first."

by Marta Dhanis,, September 8, 2022

NEW YORK CITY – Former Trump White House strategist Steve Bannon pleaded not guilty Thursday to New York charges related to the "We Build the Wall" fundraiser.

Bannon turned himself in to New York authorities and was charged with six counts, including money laundering in the second degree, scheme to defraud in the first degree, and conspiracy in the fourth and fifth degrees. The indictment alleges that Bannon used WeBuildTheWall, Inc. to draw contributions from a crowdfunding website, which were then funneled through "various third party entities," with part of the money going to the CEO of WeBuildTheWall despite that organization and the CEO making repeated statements that he would not be compensated.

The indictment does not name anyone else, identifying the CEO as "Unindicted Co-Conspirator 1." A federal indictment filed in 2020 listed WeBuildTheWall founder Brian Kolfage as a co-defendant, alleging that he and Bannon told the public that Kolfage would "not take a penny" in compensation from the organization, only to then receive money through a third party entity. Kolfage pleaded guilty in the federal case to one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud.

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Bannon was released on no cash bail and ordered to surrender his passport. He found out about the indictment a week ago when Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg's office called one of his lawyers to inform him.

Bannon pleaded not guilty to federal charges of conspiracy to commit mail fraud and money laundering for his role in the fundraiser, and was pardoned by former President Trump before a trial was held.

"Just days after being swatted three different times by deranged thugs from New York City inspired by the Biden Administration to assassinate me by police, the Soros-backed DA has now decided to pursue phony charges against me 60 days before the midterm election because WarRoom is the major source of the MAGA grassroots movement," Bannon said in a statement.

"The [Southern District of New York] did the exact same thing in August 2020 to try to take me out of the election," Bannon continued. "It didn’t work then, it certainly won’t work now. This is nothing more than a partisan political weaponization of the criminal justice system."

Bragg's office declined to comment to Fox News. Another attorney for Bannon, Bob Costello, had "no comment" on the indictment.

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Bannon, in his statement, claimed that he was being targeted for his politics and that authorities would have to "kill [him]" before he stopped "fighting."

"I am proud to be a leading voice on protecting our borders and building a wall to keep our country safe from drugs and violent criminals. The WarRoom show will be more vital, more intense, more urgent, and bigger this time," he said in his statement. "They are coming after all of us, not only President Trump and myself. I am never going to stop fighting. In fact, I have not yet begun to fight. They will have to kill me first."

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