Support the Patriots Fighting the Swamp!

What is happening in Washington is NOT Chaos, it is Patriots FINALLY fighting the Swamp!

Do not believe FoxNews and the Deep Swamp Controlled Media who want to protect the status quo that allows unelected bureaucrats to rule over us by undermining our Constitution and the rule of law. FoxNews is protecting the establishment by attacking those who oppose the deep state - WE must support them! 

These 20 Patriots are FINALLY standing up to the Swamp and fighting for US the American People. They are saying that the People have had enough of this fraud that their actually is a Republican Party that represents the wishes of their voters. They are telling the TRUTH that we can't get different and better results from government if we don't change the people who have been betraying us and stealing our money and our liberty! Kevin McCarthy is Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell! He must NOT BECOME SPEAKER!

We, you and I, MUST support these Patriots! Right now! Get on the phones, get on Twitter and tell everyone that we don't care if the House doesn't name a speaker or come into cession FOR A YEAR!  If we don't name a Speaker who is  going to fight the Swamp and Fight for US what does it matter? We are FAR BETTER OFF with NO HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES than we are with a House like we have had for decades that not only works against our best interests but litterally wants to attack us and arrest us! 

Tom Zawistowski
We the Peope Convention

House Speaker Fight is HUGE MAGA Win! See what WE GOT in the Negotiations!




These 20 Members of Congress need your support. They need to hear from you right now.

If you do not want the status quo from Congress, call. If you do not want the swamp running Washington DC and in turn your lives, call. If you do not want another massive, bloated, $1.7T omnibus spending bill like we saw a couple of weeks ago, call. If you do not want COVID related mandates, call. If you want to peel back the wokeness in our schools, call.

Kevin McCarthy currently, still does not have the votes to be Speaker of the House. He and his allies have been all over the news putting negative pressure on these 20 courageous Members of Congress who are trying to make Congress more functional and to stop the status quo in Washington, DC.


If you think Washington is broken, call and tweet the following Representatives and tell them to continue fighting AGAINST the status quo in Washington, DC.


(NOTE: These numbers may have changed for the new Congress and the website has not updated the numbers yet. If you get the wrong number, please call the Capitol Switchboard at: (202) 224-3121.)
Andy Biggs (AZ)
(202) 225-2635
Dan Bishop (NC)
(202) 225-1976
Eli Crane (AZ)
(202) 225-3361
Paul Gosar (AZ)
(202) 225-2315
Matt Gaetz (FL)
(202) 225-4136
Byron Donalds (FL)
(202) 225-2536
Bob Good (VA)
(202) 225-4711
Anna Paulina Luna (FL)
(202) 225-5961
Chip Roy (TX)
(202) 225-4236
Keith Self (TX)
(202) 225-4201
Andrew Clyde (GA)
(202) 225-9893
Andy Harris (MD)
(202) 225-5311
Josh Brecheen (OK)
(202) 225-2701
Matt Rosendale (MT)
(202) 225-3211
Mary Miller (IL)
(202) 225-5271
Lauren Boebert (CO)
(202) 225-4761
Andy Ogles (TN)
(202) 225-4311
Michael Cloud (TX)
(202) 225-7742
Ralph Norman (SC)
(202) 225-5501
Scott Perry (PA)
(202) 225-5836
PLUS, you need to make one more phone call if your Member of Congress is a Republican and NOT on this list, then call that Congressman and ask why they are VOTING FOR THE STATUS QUO which is a dysfunctional Congress by voting for Kevin McCarthy. You can call the Capitol Switchboard at (202) 224-3121 to reach your Member of Congress.


Once you finish your calls, please let us know what you think about the Speaker Race using this form.




STATEMENT: If these 20 do not get in line and vote for Kevin McCarthy, we will have a Democratic Speaker of the House.
FACT: The only way we get a Democratic Speaker of the House is if Republicans decide to vote FOR a Democratic Member of Congress. That is highly unlikely.


STATEMENT: The 20 are only doing this to get a Committee Assignment and that is what this is all about.
FACT: These Members of Congress have been asking for changes to the House Rules since last July. Their focus has always been on process and policy. Only when Kevin McCarthy asked them for a list of who they wanted on which committees did they answer that question in an attempt to negotiate in good faith. Kevin McCarthy has since used the answer to his question against them.


STATEMENT: Kevin McCarthy said, “I earned this job. We earned this majority, and G—d—mit we are going to win it today.”
FACT: Sadly, this is true.


STATEMENT: Members of House Republican Conference have threatened to remove all 20 of those not voting for McCarthy from Committees.
FACT: That is true. A Member of Congress did say they would remove anyone who voted against Kevin McCarthy from Committees. Other Congressmen applauded. Kevin McCarthy was present and did not say he would not allow that to happen if he was elected Speaker.


STATEMENT: No one knows what the 20 who are voting against McCarthy wants.
FACT: Those voting against McCarthy have been clear with what they want. Please watch this video from Chip Roy yesterday on the Floor of the House of Representatives who explained why he was nominating Jim Jordan. Additionally, here is a 55-page document that was written and published in or around October 2022 outlining the changes they want to see happen.


STATEMENT: Who is the alternative? Who will be the Speaker?
FACT: The person who can get the majority of the vote will not be evident if and until Kevin McCarthy concedes and acknowledges he cannot get the votes to win the Speakership.

Please call right now today. Once you call, please feel free to fill this form out to give us your feedback on the Speaker Race.

Thank you!


In liberty,
Jenny Beth Matin
TEA Party Patriots
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