Marxist are promoting 'Squatting" on Vacant Property to Create Chaos

Recent Increase of "Squatters" taking illegal possession of vacant homes is another PLAN by the Marxist Left to Sow Chaos in the United States with the help of their allies in Local Government who pass laws that favor the Squatters over the Property Owners.


Breaking: DeSantis signs law to eliminate squatters' rights

by Victoria Taft, PJ, March 25, 2024

Private property isn't so private anymore. When normal Americans weren't looking, squatters became cult heroes. The left has been cultivating squatters' rights for years. Woke cities are giving them legal backup by consolidating COVID-19-era no-eviction rules into free housing for months or years. People seeking their piece of the American Dream are now the stars of the left's dystopian horror show.

The property takeovers are all over the country in the nation's woke cities. The stories are legion.

"The homeowner wouldn't talk with us on camera for fear of retaliation from those living on the property. When he asked them to leave they beat him up sending him to the hospital," a Portland, Ore., TV reporter explained in 2022 after squatters took over a man's home while he was away. "He hasn't been back since but still pays $1,500 a month for the mortgage.

A Portland man complained that he left town to take care of his ailing mother only to discover someone had squatted in his apartment and turned it into a drug den. 

A New York woman attempted to get the squatters out of her childhood home, but she was arrested for unlawful eviction because in that state squatters seem to have more rights than she does. Now she believes the Queens authorities will not act before 30 days is up and that means the squatters will be considered official tenants. The frightened neighbors say they believe the squatters started renovating the home. The owner believes the squatters will succeed in "stealing my home.

In Atlanta, a man trying to build affordable housing on a nine-acre lot has 30 squatters on his property. He allowed four people to live on it and take care of it while he was away, but when he came back from California, he found dozens of squatters on his property, many of them Antifa holdovers from the "Stop Cop City" protests. Now, the homeowner can't evict them because COVID-era moratorium on evictions is still in effect. 

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As Catherine reports, squatters have taken over 1,200 Atlanta properties. Some are so brazen that they've opened up strip clubs inside. 

A Seattle area man is attempting to get rid of a man known as a "serial squatter" out of his $2 million property and is attempting to shame him out. He hopes the tactic works before he has to spend more time and thousands more dollars on court costs and lawyers. The squatter owes him tens of thousands of dollars in back rent.  

You've undoubtedly seen this guy, one of Joe Biden's invading army of illegal aliens, who's now encouraging squatting by telling la gente to invade houses and take them over. "We can invade a house in the U.S. What do you think of this new law?"


When did all of this start? 

The left has been mining this "occupy" vein for quite some time. The idea behind it is that those mean old white colonists took other peoples' property and exploited it, so now a new set of white colonists are taking over people's private property because they're more noble. The upshot is that they envy someone else's property but are too lazy to work and buy it for themselves, so they just take it. This is supposedly striking a blow against gentrification. Others call it stealing.

The proof of concept is found in Occupy and "Occupation Zone" extortion scams. 

Occupy, the left's recruitment program for future Antifa/anarchist actions, popularized the takeover of other people's property. 

Occupy Wall Street in 2011 drew leftist activists from all over the globe to pitch tents and learn at the feet of Lisa Fithian how to organize, monkey wrench, destroy, and frame a narrative. Not to be outdone, Portland activists mirrored the movement, took over two downtown Portland parks, and presided over a disgusting campsite filled with overflowing toilets, drug dealers, anti-Semitic activists, and local union paymasters "supporting" the event. The city and the mayor allowed them to take over the parks, and at least one city council member joined them in protest marches. Got to stick it to the 1%, you know.

From this Portland organization came a subgroup whose objective was to "occupy" peoples' homes that they felt were ripe for the taking. 

Eventually, they began taking over parts of the city and calling them occupation zones. 




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