Who Authorized Ohio Chemical Burn and were there Other Options?

Ohio Governor DeWine Says He Authorized the Chemical Burn with PA Governor Shapiro's consent - Shaprio says Norfolk Southern did not provide alternatives - Who approved it and with what legal authority?

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'We are going to do the right things': Norfolk Southern CEO Alan Shaw visits East Palestine

“They [local leaders and officials] are frustrated by the amount of misinformation circulating about their community and are eager to show that the air and water are safe," he said. "In every conversation today, I shared how deeply sorry I am this happened to their home. We are going to do the right things to help East Palestine recover and thrive again."

FEMA to send help to East Palestine, Ohio 2 weeks after toxic train disaster

Questions Remain Unanswered About Who Authorized East Palestine Controlled Burn

by Hannah Poling, The Ohio Press Network, February 24, 2023

In a press conference on Tuesday, DeWine said before deciding to implement the controlled release, he and Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro spoke with representatives from the railroad who recommended that the controlled release was the best option for the safety of the residents. 

DeWine also noted that the Ohio National Guard did a modeling exercise of how the release would work in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Defense to give some additional information and understand the full ramifications before making the decision. The modeling was then produced into a map, and the decision was made to proceed with the recommended controlled release.

“We made the decision to go ahead with the controlled release,” DeWine said.

At the press conference, DeWine did not comment on the legal authority he, Shapiro, and the collaborating agencies acted under when ordering the controlled release.

Press secretary Dan Tierney stated that officials from state agencies, federal agencies, and Norfolk-Southern were in collaborative communication regarding the emerging chemical threat at East Palestine. These officials advised the governor and other officials that absent a controlled burn, there was a certainty the tanker cars with vinyl chloride would explode in a catastrophic explosion, not only with a chemical release but also with shrapnel traveling one mile in radius. The controlled burn also ensured any gaseous releases occurred as vertical as possible, which creates the smallest possible radius of the affected area.

“The decision was not controlled burn versus no release. The decision was controlled burn with mitigated release or uncontrolled explosion with certain release and a shrapnel event. Both were options were not good, but the controlled burn was the least bad option,” Tierney said.

READ: Sixth lawsuit claims 'controlled' chemical release worsened East Palestine situation

Sr. communications manager with Norfolk Southern Connor Spielmaker echoed Tierney, saying that the decisions were made collaboratively to ensure the town’s safety.

“Norfolk Southern hazardous material personnel were on-scene and coordinating with local first responders immediately following the derailment. Throughout the following days, decisions were made in consultation with our professional emergency response contractors, as well as local, state, and federal agencies and other experts on the best path forward to ensure the safety of the town from a catastrophic failure of the tankers. Remediation efforts continue on-site and in coordination with those same agencies,” Spielmaker said.


Questions Remain Unanswered About Who Authorized East Palestine Controlled Burn

by M.K. Kittle, The Ohio Star, February 15, 2023

Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro is blasting Norfolk Southern Corp. for its handling of a Feb. 3 train derailment that spewed Hazardous chemicals in in East Palestine, Ohio, near the Pennsylvania state line.

In a letter to Norfolk Southern President and CEO Alan Shaw, Shapiro excoriates the railway for acting unilaterally, failing to establish a Unified Command, and creating confusion that resulted in a general lack of awareness for first responders and emergency management of Norfolk Southern’s response.

Shapiro asserts the railway gave “inaccurate information and conflicting modeling about the impact of the controlled release that made protective action decision making more difficult in the immediate aftermath of the derailment.”

And the governor says Norfolk Southern’s “unwillingness to explore or articulate alternate courses of action to their proposed vent and burn limited state and local leaders to respond effectively.”

Governor, OEPA: East Palestine Municipal Water Safe to Drink

“… Norfolk Southern response personnel improperly planned tactical response operations without adequate input from elected officials, local response organizations, or state agencies, resulting in a single plan of action to vent and burn all five cars without allowing for input from Pennsylvania emergency management leaders,” the Democrat wrote in the scathing letter.

“Norfolk Southern failed to explore all potential courses of action, including some that may have kept the rail line closed longer but could have resulted in a safer overall approach for first responders, residents, and the environment,” Shapiro added.


Watch the Tuesday, February 14, 2023 Press Conference about the Current Situation in East Palestine, Ohio:

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