WTPC Calls on President Trump to Abandon the Republican Party


For Immediate Release: Wednesday, August 11, 2021
Contact: Tom Zawistowski, TomZ@WethePeopleConvention.org

We the People Convention Calls on President Trump to Abandon the Corrupt Republican Party after 19 "Republican" Senators Vote for "Infrastructure" Bill

Akron, OH - Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention, formally called today for President Donald Trump, along with all his 74,000,000 supporters, to abandon the corrupt Republican Party after 19 "Republican" Senators voted for the Anti-American Socialist "Infrastructure" Bill that President Trump himself called a "Disgrace." Zawistowski said, "Like Charlie Brown and the football, the phony "republicans" promise to be conservative and to fight the re-gressive policies of the left, only to break their promises after the election and join the left as what Mark Levin this week called "bi-partison contributors to the destruction of this country."

Zawistowski continued, "It is time for President Trump to recognize and understand what most of his 74,000,000 supporters have known for a long time and that is that our nation's problem isn't only the destructive policies of the communist democrat left it is the constant betrayal of the phony conservative, bought and paid for, RINO's we elect who fail to act to stop those destructive policies. It is time for President Trump to stop endorsing, and raising money for, phony conservatives who will never vote for the America First MAGA policies that he has proven are what is best for ALL Americans. It is past time for President Trump to recognize that he must aspire to a higher goal than just becoming President again, and that is for him to "re-imagine" the American political process in order to restore actual Representative Governance so that our government can work again for We the People. The vast majority of American people find ourselves at war against a greater tyranny today by the elite, globalist, statist, ruling class than we ever faced in King George. We need a General like Washington to wage that War, with the support of the people, to vanquish the evil and destructive marxist forces of global communism and socialism and racism forever. The "Republican Party" is NOT the answer, it is the problem, and we all must stop pretending that they will ever be the force for good that we must have to prevail and save our Republic."

Zawistowski concluded, "We are not asking President Trump to form a "3rd Party" because political parties don't work - except for their funders - because they are inherently corrupt. We are challenging him to use his considerable skills to "re-invent" our failed political system. Our organization laid out a compreshensive plan for the President in February which details how to save our political system, which is required before we can save our nation without violence. This anti-American vote by these traitors in the Senate proves, AGAIN, that we were right in February and we are more right now. There is no point for Trump voters to come out and vote in 2022 and 2024 or EVER AGAIN to elect people who will just stab us in the back. We need Representatives who are Patriots who understand that the global re-gressive communist Democrat Left is our mortal enemy and they must be defeated before they finish the "fundemental transformation" of America which is their stated goal. It is time for President Trump to play the role history has chosen for him to play and that is to lead this new American Revolution."

"Republican" Senators who Voted FOR the Corrupt Infrastructure Bill:

Roy Blunt of Missouri (2022)
Richard Burr of North Carolina (2022)
Bill Cassidy of Louisiana
Shelley Moore Capito of West Virginia
Susan Collins of Maine
Kevin Cramer of North Dakota
Mike Crapo of Idaho (2022)
Deb Fischer of Nebraska
Lindsey Graham of South Carolina
10.Chuck Grassley of Iowa (2022)
John Hoeven of North Dakota (2022)
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky
Lisa Murkowski of Alaska (2022)
Rob Portman of Ohio - (Retiring)
Jim Risch of Idaho
Mitt Romney of Utah
Dan Sullivan of Alaska
Thom Tillis of North Carolina
Roger Wicker of Mississippi

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