Read WTPC Letter Urging President Trump to 're-invent' the Political Party

February 25, 2021

President Donald J. Trump 
℅ Office of the Former President
1100 South Ocean Boulevard
Palm Beach, Florida 33480

Dear President Trump,

I am writing to ask you not to commit to running in the future as a Republican during your highly anticipated speech scheduled for Sunday at the CPAC event in Orlando. While I am sure many around you insist that running as a Republican is the most efficient way to regain power from the left starting in 2022, please allow me to quickly propose a different path.

I am sure that you are aware of the recent Gallop Poll that showed 62% of American Adults from all parties feel that a “third” party is “needed”. In a Hill HarrisX poll 64% of Republicans said they would join a “MAGA Party” or “Patriot Party” led by you and leave the Republican Party if the option was offered. What these numbers say is not that we “need” a “third party”, but that the American people want a “1st Party.” See, neither the Democrat or Republican “Parties” are political parties at all. They do not exist to elect people to “represent” the views, wants and needs of the voters in their districts - they exist to sell their votes to the highest bidder.  You know that they are totally corrupt and bought and paid for by corporate and foreign money and special interests and they care nothing about the people in their district. It is all about money and power as you well know. NO ONE is “representing” the will of the people or their needs - except you of course! That’s why those polls and what they say are important to you and We the People.

The reason why this Constitutionally destructive situation exists is because, as you have so famously exposed, the entire system is rigged. You can’t win a rigged game. Therefore, the only way to win a rigged game is not to play! To win you must make them play YOUR game. By your staying in the Republican Party you are playing THEIR game and by THEIR rules. You are forced to endorse and support people who hate your guts and hate your supporters and hate your America First Agenda only to have them undermine your efforts at every opportunity. You don’t have to play that game AND you don’t have to start a “third” party to win and win big by bringing creative destruction to the outdated and corrupt 200 year old American two-party rule system. What you need to do is flip the political party system upside down and drive the money from the base, not from the top.

How would this work? Instead of starting a new political party, you would instead create a Super PAC called say the MAGA Party PAC. This PAC would be committed to financially backing only Independent Candidates who support the MAGA platform. However, because you have the word Party in your name, the public would, like many did with the TEA Party, think that you are in fact a new political party! Your marketing would focus on the MAGA Party PAC being the “Un-Party” where citizens get representation in government because those they elect answer only to them - not to special interests. Unlike political parties controlled by big donors, the 74,000,000 Trump Voters, and millions more who didn’t vote or voted Democrat, who hate both political parties for not representing them, would be asked to join the “MAGA Party” by donating $10 or more to the MAGA Party PAC annually. This could raise as much as $1 Billion from the people to back the candidates the people themselves want to elect! More importantly, this would raise enough money, along with grassroots effort, to UN-ELECT any candidate who joins the swamp and did not do what they promised to do during the campaign. That is the definition of political power.

The MAGA Party PAC can back candidates who run for office and look, feel and act, like a political party without having to go through a laborious, time consuming, and costly process, designed by the establishment parties to stop you in all 50 states. Every state already has rules for how independents can run in any election and most of them are quite easy to meet. According to it would have only taken 545,878 petition signatures, an average of ONLY about 11,000 PER STATE, to get a Presidential Candidate on the ballot in all 50 states in 2020. These signatures would be collected, and the candidates for office would be selected by the grassroots members of the MAGA Party PAC in each state who join the organization. These people would then be organized to work for the entire slate of MAGA Party PAC candidates in their state and local areas. The key to the Un-Party concept is to make sure that you have entire slates of citizen candidates running in every community. This provides opportunity for new candidates to run and to create a farm team of candidates to move up to higher office with experience.

Then the fun begins. You use this new “Un-Party” version of a political party to separate the real allies from your enemies. You announce that any current Republican elected official who is personally committed to implementing the America First Agenda must resign from the Republican Party and commit to running as an Independent in 2022, or their next election, or they will be both primaried and face an independent MAGA Party PAC challenger. No ambiguity here. No saying they support you and your agenda then fighting you once they are in office. If you truly want to implement the America First Agenda and represent the needs and wants of the people in your district, you run as an independent, not as a phony RINO Republican!

Yes, this will have the political establishment and media screaming. It will also give us a core of experienced candidates we can trust and allow us to recruit other talented new people with our values to run against anyone who stays with the Republican and Democrat parties in the general elections. With a legitimate three way race in any general election, where the independent has enough money, which they rarely have had, but more importantly more grassroots support, the MAGA Party PAC independents can win a sizable percentage of every political elected body. Now, here is the important part, in a legitimate three-party system, you don’t have to win 51% of the positions, you have to win enough so that no other party has 51% of the positions! That way the other parties need your votes to get anything done! If you win 30% of the positions you can win control of the entire political process. We happen to believe that the “Un-Party” of and for the people will win the majority of the votes across the board, but that should be the goal. To crush and replace the corrupt 2-party system!

In closing, we would like to talk with you about this concept in more detail once CPAC is over. We are making the effort to get this to you today to ask that you keep this option open for yourself and for America when speaking at CPAC on Sunday. We are confident that this is the right way to go for America and that continuing to prop up the corrupt Republican Party that betrayed you and us is the wrong way to go forward for you personally and for We the People. We greatly appreciate your consideration as the only way this effort can succeed is with your leadership.

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

Quick Answers to the top objections we have been getting vie email and text:

1) We need to Reform the Republican Party not start a new Party!

Answer: Saying you are going to reform the Republican Party, or the Democrat/Socialist Party for that matter, is like saying you are going to reform the Mafia! You can't! They are ALL at their core criminal enterprises. Without selling their votes to the highest bidder their would be no funding for the Republican "Party" - it litterally could not exist. You don't reform big old organizations - you replace them! You don't reform IBM - you start Apple Computer! Which stock would you want to own today?

2) Starting a new party or third party or running as independents will "split the conservative vote" and assure the Democrat/Socialists will win every time!

Answer: That is exactly what the weasle Republicans want everyone to believe. Click on the link in the letter! The poll says 62% OF ALL AMERICAN ADULTS want A CHOICE OTHER THAN R or D! That is a BIG Majority! We, led by Trump, need to give them that choice NOW!

3) Winning 30% of the seats will not be enough because the Democrat/Socialists and RINO Republicans will team up for a majority to pass special interest legislation.

Answer: That may be true, but isn't that really what is happening today? Republicans say they are with us and then vote with the Democrats or at least do not stop them. We are just being fooled into thinking we have the votes when the enemy is within. I did not intend to suggest that all we could win is 30% though. The Gallop Poll linked above in question 2 says that if you give the people what they want and need, true representation, then the Independents will be a clear majority. Be the one to give the marketplace what it wants! That is how you succeed! Are you listening President Trump??? Stop listening to the politcal hacks who hate you and listen to We the People!

4) Please stop talking about making a new political party. President Trump clearly said NO about that, at CPAC. It is too expensive in time and money to start a new party. Thousands of us tried starting the Constitution Party and the Natural Law Party and others and it did not work. Billionaire Ross Perot tried. The Green Party could not even get in the debate. Simply do not re-elect RINOs. Simple and effective. Problem fixed!

Answer: I know you think you can just run people who are not RINO’s through the Republican Party but you can not. We have tried for a DECADE. The “leadership” of the Republican Party can not allow people they can’t sell and control to win Primaries or they can’t raise any money from big business donors. 

You are ignoring the most critical factor - its about the MONEY!!! Listen to the start of my 3-6-21 podcast again. If We the People don’t fund our own candidates, we can’t control them and get representation. Guess what, do you think the Republican Party would ALLOW any Candidate to run that they don’t control????  If you run in the Republican or Democrat Party, your loyalty is to the PARTY FUNDERS - NOT THE VOTERS - NOT THE NATION.  Why do you think there ARE so many RINO’S???? Reality proves my point. Stop this fairy tale nonsense and just look around you! It’s as plain as the nose on your face and yet Trump hasn’t been able to see it yet. 

Starting the a New Party is NOT THE SAME as having a guy with 75,000,000 votes moving to run outside the party as and Independent! Ross Perot was no Donald Trump. He did not have Trumps massive support. He did not run a full slate of candidates. He did not continue to develop the party after one election. Donald Trump has a Historic Opportunity to restore our electoral process and Representative Government itself. He must do this to save our Representative Republic and so we must continue to push this important concept.

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