WTPC Press Release Supporting 'People's Convoy'


For Immediate Release: Wednesday, February 23, 2022
Contact: Tom Zawistowski, TomZ@WethePeopleConvention.org



Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the National TEA Party-Affiliated We the People Convention (WTPC) and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, made clear his organization is in full support of the goals and methods of the U.S. Trucker “People’s Convoy” which gets underway in southern California today, February 23, 2022. Over 11 days the “People’s Convoy” will include multiple “convoys” of Truckers from different parts of the United States all heading to a final destination outside Washington, DC on March 5, 2022.   

Zawistowski explained, “As we can now all see by the horrific developments in Canada in the past several weeks, the totalitarian threat by the worldwide communist Left is an existential threat to all western democracies and the greatest threat to individual freedom and liberty since the Second World War. The Canadian Trucker’s “Freedom Convoy” has exposed this threat, embodied in the Tyrannical actions of Trudeau, which is global in nature and well underway in the United States. The U.S. Truckers’ “People’s Convoy” is intended to address this threat by taking peaceful but effective action to confront the vast over-reach of the U.S. Government and many state governments which have illegally infringed on our individual rights and freedoms. This peaceful effort has the total support of our organization and our national membership in doing so.”

Zawistowski continued, “As was detailed in an article we posted on our website, it has unfortunately come down to the needs, and wants, and individual rights of the “Working Class” vs the desire for the “Virtual” or “Ruling Class” or “Elites” to rule over the “Working Class” in a totalitarian world many are calling the “Great Reset.” In Canada they have backed the people who want to restore the freedoms assured to them in their Charter of Rights and Freedoms into a corner where they have no choice but to fight the tyranny of their government. Biden’s renewal this week of the “National Emergency Act”, which was set to expire in March, is a direct challenge to the goals of the “People’s Convoy” which announced that “We demand the declaration of a “National Emergency” concerning the Covid-19 pandemic be lifted immediately and our cherished Constitution reign supreme.” The timing of Biden’s actions indicates his regime’s intention to mirror Trudeau and not listen to the valid concerns of Americans but instead to intentionally create conflict as a pretense to use force to take control of the U.S. Government and implement totalitarian rule in the United States.

Zawistowski emphasized, “This existential threat by the communist Left must be defeated. Trudeau cannot succeed in his coup attempt and the people of Canada must defend their nation. Biden and the American Left have been conducting an illegal “coup” since they spied on candidate, and then, President Donald Trump with the help of the FBI, DOJ and other government agencies and then conspired to steal the 2020 election. Fortunately, we can defeat this threat in Canada and the U.S. by peaceful means, but we must act now to do so."

"First, I join others in calling for all Canadians and Americans to withdraw their money from Canadian bank accounts since Trudeau has threatened to illegally confiscate their money. Second, I call on all truckers, both in the U.S. and Canada, to park their trucks and refuse to deliver ANY goods until Trudeau is thrown out; all protestors who have been arrested are released with all charges dropped and any funds confiscated returned; the vax mandates are repealed; and a new election is called so that those in Parliament who allowed this tyranny can be held accountable by the Canadian people. Third, I call on all Americans to prepare for a national work stoppage that will be required to reign in the illegal and unconstitutional activities of the U.S. and State Governments. Once the “People’s Convoy” reaches Washington, DC and their demands are ignored, which they will be, the U.S. Government and State Governments may then move to attack the peaceful truckers like Trudeau has done in Canada. We must be ready to defeat those attacks. All Canadians, all Americans, all free men and women of the world must understand that this fight is at your door and you have no choice but to fight it now or be slaves forever more under brutal totalitarian rule.”

Zawistowski concluded, “We the People must be prepared to match force with peaceful force. Force is the predicate on which all government is built. Under a Representative Republic, or Western Democracy, the government uses force to protect the rights of citizens, not to take them away. When government fails to act in the service of the people and instead acts to implement its own power, then the people rightfully must use “force” to stop them and restore the rule of law and constitutional government. The “People’s Convoy” is a warning to the Communist Left. We the People are now ready to push back and defend our rights and freedoms. We have had enough and you have crossed the “rubicon” and gone too far. Ignore the demands of the Truckers and We the People and we will act peacefully to impose our will by conducting national trucker strikes and work stoppages that will hurt not just the common man, as they have done and are now doing, but really hurt the “Virtual Class” and the “Ruling Class” and the “Elites” as well.”

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