We the People Convention Endorses Trump


For Immediate Release: Monday, January 22, 2024
Contact: Tom Zawistowski, TomZ@WethePeopleConvention.org

WTPC Endorses Donald Trump for President
Calls for Haley to Drop Out and for Focus on
Down Ticket Races & Project 2025


Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party-affiliated national We the People Convention (WTPC) organization, announced that the organization is officially endorsing Donald J. Trump for President after top contender Ron DeSantis dropped out of the running on Sunday, January 21, 2024. Zawistowski also called on Nikki Haley to end her campaign so that everyone can focus their efforts on electing US House and US Senate Candidates and other down ticket candidates at the state level in 2024. In addition, Zawistowski called on President Trump and everyone in the Make America Great Again (MAGA) movement to support the Heritage Foundation’s Project 2025 efforts and focus on recruiting the Patriots who will go to Washington DC to work in the next Trump Administration to implement our America First Agenda.

Zawistowski said, “With President Trump’s historic win in Iowa and Ron DeSantis, the only other legitimate opponent dropping out, it is time for ALL conservatives and ALL Republicans and ALL Americans to come together and support President Trump and the other down ticket candidates we need to elect this year to save our nation, and Western Civilization, from the global marxists and their anti-human agenda. It is with great pride that the We the People Convention once again Endorses President Trump after playing a critical role in winning Ohio for Trump in 2016 and 2020. Without the efforts of the WTPC in Ohio in 2016 President Trump would never have been President, and despite our successful efforts in 2020, he did not get a second term. We the People are more determined in 2024 than ever before to ensure that President Trump gets that second term and finishes the job he started in 2016 - to Make America Great Again (MAGA). Our organization will commit everything we have to re-elect Donald J. Trump President and to give him the control of the House and Senate he will need to restore the rule of law and our Constitutional Republic once he is in office.”

Click the Image to Donate to the WTPC's Super PACZawistowski continued, “We have known that the Democrats' rigging of their primary elections so that only Joe Biden can win gave them an insane financial advantage in the 2024 General Election that could be the deciding factor. Our organization even took out a full page ad in the Miami Herald on 5/22/23 urging DeSantis not to run against Trump, but to run with Trump as his Vice-President, to avoid putting our ticket at a significant financial disadvantage in the general election by wasting millions on an un-necessary primary. Our pleas were ignored and the DeSantis campaign and its anti-Trump establishment donors wasted an estimated $132 million dollars for nothing. Combine that with the millions spent by Nikki Haley and the others, and the obscene $123 million wasted just in Iowa, and it is clear that the Republican Party is run by consultants and donors who care nothing about the American people and the future of our nation - or winning! Now, despite their ignorance and “worst” efforts, we are where we need to be. Donald J. Trump will be the Republican Presidential nominee and we can now spend ALL of our resources building a state by state campaign and election integrity machine that will assure our victory in November. I call upon DeSantis and Haley and Ramaswamy and Christie and Hutchinson and Burgum and even Francis Suarez to commit their donors and their personal efforts to winning a huge number of US House seats and to taking over the US Senate in November. If they really wanted to be President in order to lead our nation, the way to show leadership is to commit to the greater good after you personally did not get what you desired. Will they show that leadership? Will they commit to doing everything they can to elect strong conservative Republicans at the federal and state levels? If they love America, that is what they will do. That is what we are asking them to do!”

Zawistowski concluded, “Finally, on this day when we endorse President Trump, we call upon him, his staff, his donors and supporters and ALL conservatives and Americans to commit to do something that we have never done before. To commit in advance, right now, to recruiting and training and supporting a literal army of Patriots to go into the cesspool of Washington in 2025 to take on the Deep State and the Uni-party and their media propaganda machine to restore our federal government to serving the will of the people and destroying their ability to rule over the people. That is the goal of the Heritage Foundation's Project 2025. People are Policy. In the last Trump Administration they were only able to fill approximately 60% of the 4,100 Federal Employees a new President is allowed to appoint. This allowed the Deep State and the Left to undermine the very things that the people voted for Trump to accomplish on their behalf. The day Biden took office, he signed 100 executive orders that were already researched and written by leftist think tanks ready to execute. They had people recruited and trained for every job in government in every agency ready to execute those plans. That is why President Trump and ALL Conservatives must FULLY ENGAGE with Project 2025 so that we can “hit the ground running” in January of 2025 and quickly implement the border policy and economic policy and energy policy and geopolitical policy and public safety policy we need to resort our great nation and once again lead the world on a path toward individual Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity and the total defeat of the global communist totalitarians.

As an Ohio Non-Profit Corporation, the We the People Convention has the legal authority to endorse candidates in federal elections based on the Citizens United case which was decided by the Supreme Court of the United States on January 21, 2010. With this endorsement all electioneering activity for federal candidates will be conducted as required by law under our Freedom for All PAC which is a FEC registered Super PAC.


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