Trudeau Revokes Emergency Act before Senate Vote

Under Pressure and before Senate vote Canadian Dictator Trudeau Revoked the Emergencies Act

Major Backfire: Canadian Financial and Banking System in Seriouse Trouble as Result of Trudeau's tyrnanical over-reach forces Revoking of Emergencies Act

Canadian Senate was going to Rebuke Trudeau and vote down use of Emergency Act after they gained access to private emails showing Tyrant Trudeau and his cabinet were invoking the Emergency Act for political gain - not public safety.

by Bryan Passifiume, The National Post, February 23, 2022

Just a day after MPs approved it and potentially hours before being put to vote in the Senate, emergency measures invoked by the Trudeau Liberals last week have been revoked.

“The situation is no longer an emergency,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday afternoon, nine days after his government invoked the never-before-used Emergencies Act.

“We are confident that existing laws and bylaws are now sufficient to keep people safe,” Trudeau said, adding the federal government would continue to support local law enforcement agencies as needed.

The government invoked the Emergencies Act insisting the powers were necessary to end weeks of protests that closed border crossings across the country and saw encampments of transport trucks and private cars taking over streets around Parliament Hill.

Trudeau said law enforcement agencies were prepared to deal with any threats of further blockades or occupations, and warned anybody considering such a move to think twice.

“Police officers will continue to be there to protect our streets and neighbourhoods within their jurisdictions,” he said.

Even with the occupations ended, the prime minister said the situation was far from over.

“This issue won’t just go away,” he said, announcing that a parliamentary review of the government’s decision to invoke the act would be struck within 60 days.

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“We need to constantly work to defend and improve our democracy at home and around the world.”

Under Sec. 62 of the Emergencies Act such reviews are mandatory and, according to the legislation, held in private.

Section 63 also gives the Governor General the authority to order an inquiry into the circumstances that prompted the invocation of the order and measures taken during the emergency.

“It’ll be important that we gain a fuller understanding of what gave rise to this kind of disregard of laws and threat to our democracy,” Trudeau said.

Critics and opposition leaders criticized the measures, particularly those meant to target money and bank accounts allegedly connected to convoy organizers and supporters.

They pointed to the fact police managed to clear the border blockades before the act came into force, and questioned why existing laws and injunctions — including one filed in Ontario Superior Court Feb. 11 by the Province of Ontario — weren’t sufficient to end the illegal protests.

Trudeau’s Canadian Fascism Is a Bigger Threat to America Than Putin

Civil rights organizations filed legal challenges against the federal emergency measures, accusing the government of setting a “dangerous precedent” by invoking the Act.

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association welcomed the government’s decision to revoke the measures — describing the move as “overdue.”

“We also continue to believe that it is important for the courts to comment on the legal threshold and constitutional issues so as to guide the actions of future governments,” said CCLA spokesperson Abby Deshman in a statement.

“Even though the orders are no longer in force, Canadians are left with the precedent that the government’s actions have set.”

She said the CCLA’s litigation against the government would continue.


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