Sample Letter to Send to your Kids about Infant Covid Shots

We now have two grandchildren under age one. The FDA just approved Covid Shots for Children from six-month's to five years old. As Grandparents, we felt a need to write to our adult children, in a non-argumentative way, to make our case AGAINST them allowing our Grandchildren to get the Covid "Shot". Their doctors are recommending that our Grandchildren get the "shot."

In attempting to write this email, I found that it took me almost three hours to do so. Primarily because it was difficult to find articles and data that helped us make our case because the internet has been "scrubbed" of most disenting views and is "full" of the same propaganda and fear porn that was used to stampede millions of American's to get Covid "shots" they did not need or want.

After finishing my email I realized that millions of American Parents, Grandparents, and Great Grandparents, were in the same postion we were in and would need to write a similar email! We are sharing the text and links of our email with you so that you can just copy it off this page and paste it into an email and then customize it before sending it to your Adult Children! Be sure to click on the links to see which articles we used to make our case.
UPDATED 6-26-22

Despite a massive media and government pressure campaign,
American parents are overwhelmingly rejecting Covid vaccines for their young children.
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Dear  ,

We are sending you this email for your consideration in making the case for you NOT to allow our Grandchildren to be given the new Covid Shot. We are not intending to have a debate. You are the parents and you will decide. That is your right as the parents. You don’t owe us any explanation. We just feel strongly that it is our responsibility to share our concerns with you when the health and long term well being of our Grandchildren are on the line.

We ask you to consider this important information BEFORE you agree to do what your doctors are pushing because your doctors will not provide it to you and they probably don’t even know much of it themselves. That is why we included so many links in this email - to make our case based on facts and data. Be sure to look at the links. 

Getting right to the point, Mom and I do not want you to allow the kids to get the new Covid mRNA shot for babies for the following reasons:

1) By the CDC DEFINITION at the time the Covid-19 shots started to ber administered, these “shots" are NOT vaccines. The original CDC definition stated that vaccines create immunity from disease. With the realization that the COVID-19 shots do not create immunity (they do not prevent infection with the virus or transmission to others), the definition was changed to indicate they provide “protection.” The CDC intentionally changed the definition of a “Vaccine" once it was clear that these Covid mRNA shots do NOT provide immunity, do not prevent Covid, or prevent hospitalization or even death - they are not vaccines! Vaccines are tested over years with large groups of people. These are experimental mRNA shots, with very limited testing*, that provide very limited protection against only the strain of Covid for which they were manufactured. That is why you have to keep getting “boosters” which is exactly what the pharmaceutical industry wants - repeat customers!

2) The chance of children, infants to those under 5, getting Covid and having serious illness is nearly ZERO! Meaning 99.995% will not get seriously ill! The FDA has approved these shots under Emergency Use Authorization - which means they have undergone nowhere near the same real world clinical trials as a regular vaccine. The problem is that there is NO EMERGENCY threat from Covid for Children under 5!!! So why do they need emergency approval? Why not do all the testing before approving their use for babies? Why should kids under 5 get the shots when their chance of serous illness is basically ZERO? Which is why only 1 in 5 parents with children under age 5 intend to give their kids that shot as soon as approved while 38% intend to wait and see if they are safe. Parents of 5-11year-olds in this country have already shown this discernment with ONLY 29% of their children this age having received two shots of a Covid-19 "Vaccine."

3) Even if our kids catch Covid, if they haven’t already had it, their symptoms are highly likely to be very mild and even asymptomatic. The CDC study in February said that 75% of children already had Covid and it is believed that 90% may have been exposed as of June. These children have Natural Immunity which recent studies by Johns Hopkins have confirmed provides lasting immunity from the disease and future variations while the Covid shots only provide short term protection against a limited number of variants. We want our kids to have Natural Immunity!

4) We, and the drug manufacturers and the FDA and CDC and NIH, have NO IDEA of the long term effects of the mRNA “shots” - because there has been no long term testing! We are just learning about some of the serious side effects like Multisystem Inflamatory Syndrome in some 8,500 children of which 69 have died from the “shot” according to the CDC. Plus, an analysis of the 55,000 pages of internal Pfizer documents about the Covid mRNA trials - which the FDA had asked a court to keep sealed for 75 YEARS - showed serious heart issues from the “shots" and disproportionate deaths of newborns from vaccinated mothers. The risk from the vaccine are NOT ZERO while the risk of getting seriously ill from Covid at age 5 and under approaches ZERO!  

4) Finally, and importantly, a recent study by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and Moderna now indicates that “mRNA vaccines hurt long-term immunity” which explains why so many vaccinated people are now getting Covid multiple times. Portugal and Iceland are two of the most vaccinated nations in the world at 94% plus, yet Portugal’s hospitalizations from Covid are up 6 times what they were last year with a corresponding increase in deaths and Iceland has the highest deaths in the world at 12.8 per million - which is higher than the US in the Winter 2021 Wave. The point being, getting the Grandkids the “shot” will not protect them from Covid AT ALL! Certainly not in the long term. While letting them get Covid and recover will provide life long benefits like Natural Immunity has always done! 

5) For ALL these reasons, the US is the ONLY nation in the world pushing Covid “shots” for infants! Do NOT give your children the “shot”! It is NOT necessary and it may be harmful.! Let big Pharma “Experiment” on someone else's kids! Not ours. There is no hurry to decide and there is no risk in waiting. We hope that you will agree.

Mom and Dad

* The Pfizer documents’ reports about pregnancy found that the assurance that the vaccine is “safe and effective” for pregnant women was based on a study of 44 French rats, followed for 42 days. (See Reference Here.)

Dr. Malone Video Explaining Why Parents should NOT have their Children Vaccinated with the mRNA vaccines.

COVID-19 Vaccines for 6-month to 5-year-old children?

With the EUA for Pfizer and Moderna Covid vaccines for 6 months to 5 years olds, the FDA and CDC have shown their cards. Most parents are already unconvinced by the CDC campaign directed toward children with only 29% of 5–11-year-olds in this country having received two shots of a COVID-19 vaccine. Now despite 75% or more of children already protected against COVID-19 with natural immunity, the CDC and FDA have set their sights on these even younger children.

It is likely that the CDC recommendation to parents to vaccinate their 6 months to 5-year-old children will be ignored for the following reasons:
  • Children are at minimal risk from Covid-19 infection. Those under the age of 18 have a 99.995% survival rate after COVID-19 infection with children without comorbidities having an even higher survival rate.
  • The vaccine clinical trials for this age group were particularly poorly done. They were too small to detect with accuracy the risk of severe reactions like myocarditis, anaphylaxis, and Guillain-Barre syndrome and too short to identify long-term risks.
  • Vaccine effectiveness was judged by antibody levels (not preventing actual infections), and they waned rapidly starting after two months.
  • With studies showing that COVID-19 vaccine lipid nanoparticles accumulated in the ovaries, the effect of the vaccines on future fertility in young girls is entirely unknown!
  • The vaccines were NOT tested in children for the current predominant omicron variant. With many adults who were double boosted becoming infected with COVID-19 and being hospitalized, there are no data or reasons to assume that the vaccines will be helpful to children against omicron or future variants.
By granting EUA of COVID-19 vaccines for young children, the CDC and FDA have made clear they are more interested in pushing COVID-19 vaccines than protecting our children’s health.

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