A Post Debate Message for YOUR Lefty Loved Ones

A Message for My Lefty Loved Ones

by Athena Thorne, PJMedia.com, June 29, 2024

I am dedicating this article to my lefty friends and loved ones. Yes, I still have some of those. I made a pledge to myself years ago that I wouldn't let politics destroy my relationships with good people with whom I have wonderful personal histories. 

This pledge is getting harder and harder to keep. Thursday's debate has put it under the greatest stress test yet, and I'm not sure I can keep it much longer.

My lefty friends and I have been getting along for the past eight years by agreeing not to talk about politics. This was necessitated in 2016 when Donald Trump won, and so many people — especially women — straight up lost their minds. I actually saw marriages fail because the husband wasn't capable of hating Trump as rabidly as the wife needed him to. Think of that: a perfectly good, long-term marriage — thrown away because of politics.

I've still held onto my friendships with Democrats (the ones who stayed married or seemed otherwise sane and decent). Even if there is now an unspoken degree of discomfort with one another, we have so much history together that we press on. But I see their devotion to the party is just as fanatical as ever when I stumble across their social media or they can't help themselves and blurt out some idiotic talking point. And while I still refuse to allow politics to wreck good relationships, the byproduct of my friends' adamant adhesion to their party is that I am losing respect for them. 

Their side has lied to them over and over and over — I'm talking major lies of historic proportions — yet they've lapped it up, preened about it to one another, and disseminated the Democrat disinformation. It’s hard to watch people you love, care about, and have relationships with pledge their allegiance to a dishonest cult, but it is ultimately their choice.

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Here are the top five blatant Democrat lies I've been dismayed to see my lefty friends gleefully sign onto.

Joe Biden is OK.

We on the right have known for years that Biden is but a senescent figurehead who is in reality the charge of the world’s most expensive memory care facility. Our friends on the left, meanwhile, have convinced themselves that he is a great (they literally use the word "great") president who is firmly in charge.

But after Thursday, they can't possibly keep pretending that Biden is well enough to lead the free world. If any of my friends continue to say this, then I will probably have to steer clear of them until they come to their senses.

The Hunter Biden Laptop from Hell was a Russian disinformation operation.

Again, the size and historical scope of this bald lie leave me speechless. 

You couldn't make something like the laptop up. The candidate's son was so wasted that he left a laptop full of every campaign-killer you could think of at a repair shop. The repairman, an honest guy, trusted the FBI and gave it to them because it was chock-full of evidence of crimes. And they buried it.

But the wily repairman had kept copies of the laptop contents and he began looking elsewhere for help getting the sociopathic behavior it documented addressed. The New York Post finally reported the story to the public. What the Democrat machine did next was inexcusable.

Big Tech banned the story. And 51 "intelligence experts" signed a public statement that the laptop appeared to be Russian misinformation — which they knew was a lie at the time. I'm not sure I've ever seen such monumental public deception and election interference in my life (at least not until the lawfare attacks on Trump), but my lefty friends bought it and have yet to renounce it. 

Donald Trump colluded with Russia to steal the 2016 election.

Three years and untold millions in public time and money went into this deception, which included the ludicrous and salacious "pee tape" rumor. And even though, despite all the federal intelligence, law enforcement, and legal power that went into the effort, Trump was never charged with anything, far too many Democrats continue to believe he is a Russian asset to this day.  

Donald Trump called Nazis “very fine people.”

At the time Trump made his remarks, Marxist mobs were destroying historical markers and monuments that they claimed celebrated racism. Trump pointed out what most Americans believed — that good people were to be found on both sides of that issue. Dishonest, lying leftists claimed he called Nazis "very fine people." In fact, Trump did the opposite. Roll the tape:

'Nuff said. But how many of your lefty acquaintances still think this lie is true?

Donald Trump told people to inject themselves with bleach to ward off COVID.

Obviously, these Democrats are completely unfamiliar with the concept of “spitballing.” CEOs with actual executive experience lead their organizations with vision and direction. They brainstorm with their teams of developers and executors to make advances. This is what it looks like:


Trump pulled off a remarkable bit of leadership with Operation Warp Speed. Whether or not you agreed with the result, the team-building, expeditiousness, and goal-hitting he exhibited were exceptional.

To my liberal friends, I must remind you: You believed all these lies. 

To me, you appear incredibly gullible. I’ve been losing respect for you for some time now. If, after the disaster on Thursday evening, you aren’t doing some serious soul-searching, then I may have to give up on you altogether. 

And by "soul-searching," I’m not talking about admitting that Biden is unfit and resigning yourself to accepting another candidate. I’m talking about admitting to yourself that you’ve been duped for years, that the lies you've swallowed and spread have been incredibly consequential, and that you've been played and used. Are you ready to admit that your party is run by bad people?

I know you have a lot of ego invested in your decision to support Democrat politicians. You take great pride in being on what you consider to be the righteous side. 

But at this point, you just look stupid.



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