WTPC Press Release on Media Blackout of House Press Conference


For Immediate Release: Wednesday, May 10, 2023 
Contact: Tom Zawistowski, 
US Media Shame Themselves and Betray US Citizens with Blackout
Biden Family Corruption House Press Conference

Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the TEA Party affiliated We the People Convention (WTPC), called out the shameful actions of the US broadcast media companies for their nearly total blackout of the US House press conference disclosing bank records and other evidence showing a decades long influence peddling scheme implemented by then Vice-President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden with China and Romania that resulted in the Biden Family taking $10 million in bribes in exchange for changes to US Policy. Only cable channel FoxNews covered the event in total while cable channel Newsmax covered part of the event. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, and C-SPAN, not only did not cover the event, but instead several of them acted in a blatantly political manner to protect President Joe Biden and distract the attention of the American people from perhaps the biggest scandle and crime in American Presidential history. CNN and others instead covered the minor indictment of Republican Congressman George Santos, which just coincidentally happened today, while MSNBC proved that it is simply an arm of the Democrat Party by having Jean Carroll, who was found to have lied about her accusation of rape against former President Trump just yesterday, on their show at the same time as the press conference.
Zawistowski commented, "So the media wonders why their audience is disappearing when they so blatantly lie by omission in not covering the biggest crime story in American History? They wonder why 66% of Americans do NOT trust the media to report the news "fully, accurately and fairly" when they not only don't report the news, but instead participate in government propaganda to protect the corruption and lawlessness of the US Government. Shame on all of these corrupt corporations and everyone who works for them, shame on everyone who watches them, and shame on every adverstiser who buys ads from them. They have forgotten what Patriots have not, that the US Constitution provides important protections for the media in the First Amendement in EXCHANGE for the media doing the critical job of accurately informing the public and keeping in check political power by exposing corruption. The premeditated actions today by the broadcast media betrays that trust and exposes how corrupt they themselves have become. Their own actions prove that they no longer deserve these Constitutional protections. Fortunately We the People have stopped believing the "government media" a long time ago and have created our own parallel media which does inform the public, and truthfully reports the news, and holds government accountable."
Members of the public can watch the entire 51 minute press conference here online. Additional coverage will be provided at the We the People Convention website.

We encourage ALL Citizens to Watch the Entire 51 minute Press Conference:



Media ripped for ignoring Biden family influence peddling report

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