House to Vote AGAIN on Requiring Warrants in FISA

Call YOUR Congressman NOW and tell them to Demand a Warrant for Spying on America Citizens and uphold our 14th Amendment Rights!  The vote is at 6:30 PM TODAY!

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BREAKING: RINOS WIN – AMERICANS LOSE: FISA 702 Again Passes House by Vote of 259-128 – Here are The 117 RINOs Who Voted for Warrantless Spying on Americans

by Streif,, April 15, 2024

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act gets a do-over vote in the House on Monday thanks to a Hail Mary maneuver by Florida Representative Anna Paulina Luna (R). 

Controversy always attaches itself to the reauthorization of this bill because it legalizes the wiretapping of American citizens. Yes, there are allegedly safeguards in place to ensure the Fourth Amendment is observed and our rights protected, but the history of FISA is one of abuse. During Donald Trump's 2016 campaign, we saw FISA weaponized as a tool to spy on Candidate Trump and, later, President-Elect Trump and his transition team.

Arizona Republican Andy Biggs offered an amendment to the bill that would require a warrant before an American citizen could be placed under surveillance. 

That amendment failed on a 212-212 vote, with Speaker Johnson casting the deciding vote.

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After the bill passed the House, Luna moved to reconsider, that is, to take another vote on the bill. Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner immediately moved to table her motion. 

BACKGROUND: Rep. Anna Paulina Luna Forces Another Vote on FISA Amendment to Require Warrants for Surveillance

I'm not an authority on parliamentary procedure but apparently the motion to reconsider/motion to table takes place very frequently. What makes this one different is that Luna was able to demand a roll call voteon the motion to table.

The legislation, however, remains stuck in the House. Right after the bill passed, members went back and forth as to how to proceed. Rep. Laurel Lee (R-FL) called for a motion to reconsider the vote on the FISA bill, pushing House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) to call for a motion to table Lee’s motion. Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) demanded a recorded vote on the motion to table, which will take place as early as Monday — keeping the bill from reaching the Senate until that time.

Luna's motion to reconsider is up for a vote today, and there are many reasons to think this may not be a simple repetition of Friday's vote.





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