Comer Closing in on Biden Crime Family

It is no coincidence that the "Leak" that Donald Trump was going to be indicted came just 24 hours after Rep. Comer Produced the Bank Records showing $3 million paid from China to Biden Family . . . When anyone asks you what the Trump Indictment is about send them this!

by Susan Jones,, April 3, 2023

"I don't think anyone believes that Donald Trump would be in Manhattan District Court right now, were he not a candidate for president of the United States," Rep. James Comer (R-Ky.), chairman of the House Oversight Committee, told "Mornings With Maria" on Monday morning.

Comer also questioned why the Department of Justice hasn't done anything about the Biden family "shenanigans" involving U.S. adversaries, including China -- a reference to the Biden family's alleged influence-peddling scheme.

"Stay tuned, Maria, we'll have more to report very soon," Comer said, noting that the Oversight Committee is "working with several banks right now," including Cathay Bank, to get records of payments made to the Biden family.

"The bank records are coming in," Comer said.

"I think something else that's very important to note, we're in communication with four former Biden family business associates, if you want to call it that. They're cooperating with our investigation. And I will tell you, it's very concerning.

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"I think that everyone realizes that with our success in getting bank records, there's nothing to hide. There's nowhere to hide They're going to have to explain what all these different LLCs were, and why the banks had all those bank violations suggesting that they were laundering money from China, through all these different LLCs.

"So I think that we're making significant progress. I know the American people that are keeping up with this wish that we were going faster, but I don't think anyone thought we would ever have bank records from multiple banks. I don't think anyone thought treasury would let us have those bank violations.

Biden probe reveals $3 million payment from Chinese energy company to family associate

“We have both now, and the records we have are leading to us getting more bank records from more banks. So this is a concerning trend.

“And again, Maria, I close with this: why hasn't the Department of Justice done anything about shenanigans that the Biden family's been doing with adversaries yet but yet Donald Trump's in court over a campaign -- a misdemeanor campaign finance violation? It makes no sense.

(Editors Note: This Indictment is DESIGNED to keep all the focus on Trump being a "criminal" in the minds of the American people (Even though they have never proven any crime in six years of looking!) and to keep them from seeing that Joe Biden (and Hillary and Obama) is the real "criminal". Trump will be, illegally, found guilty by this kangeroo court and the appeals process will last all the way through the 2024 election after which Trump will be found innocent. During this "process" Democrats will claim that any charges the Republican's House brings out against Biden are just as "Trumped up" as the charges against Trump and that they are not credible crimes but just "political retribution" - Get it??? That's the plan.  It's up to US to expose the truth and hold the real criminals accountable BY WINNING THE 2024 Elections!)  


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