British Cass Report Calls for End to use of Puberty Blockers

Study after study show their is no such thing as "Transgender" and that "Life Affirming Trans Care" is destroying the lives of children yet US continues to go Against the Science and push the "Transgender Lie" at the behest of China.


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Children who identify as transgender have been let down badly by an NHS that succumbed to an activist lobby.

by Debbied Hayton, The Spectator, April 10, 2024

That is the obvious conclusion to make after Dr Hilary Cass published her final report this morning as part of the Independent Review of Gender Identity Services for Children and Young People.

In her report, Cass suggests that there is a serious lack of evidence about the long-term impact puberty blockers and other cross-sex hormones are having on children.

While the original rationale for puberty blockers was to give children ‘time to think’ about transitioning, the report dismantles this argument, pointing out that the ‘vast majority’ of children move from puberty blockers to cross-sex hormones, and:

‘there is no evidence that puberty blockers buy time to think, and some concern that they may change the trajectory of psychosexual and gender identity development.’

Despite this, the report says researchers could find no evidence that puberty blockers improved children’s body dysmorphia or body image.

The medicalisation of children who might simply have been distressed by the idea of puberty and growing up is a scandal of epic proportions

Cass concludes that most young people should not be going down the medical route if they have gender-related distress, adding that for young people ‘for whom a medical pathway is clinically indicated, it is not enough to provide this without also addressing wider mental health and/or psychosocially challenging problems such as family breakdown, barriers to participation in school life or social activities, bullying and minority stress.’

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She argues that the treatment of children with ‘gender-related distress’ should be ‘more closely aligned with usual NHS clinical practice that considers the young person holistically’.

The days of NHS England handing out puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones to children – some of whom had complex needs – is hopefully behind us. These children need support, not unquestioning affirmation. The stakes are enormous, as Cass indicates.

The medicalisation of children who might simply have been distressed by the idea of puberty and growing up is a scandal of epic proportions. Never before have doctors told children they could press pause on puberty, and never before have children – or in some cases, their parents – demanded it.

Of course, not all children who were caught up in this mess were prescribed puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones – many more were ‘socially transitioned’. That could mean children wearing clothes normally worn by the opposite sex, or changing their name, perhaps colouring their hair, and then demanding that everyone uses a different pronoun for them.

Cass discussed social transitioning in her interim report two years ago. It was ‘not a neutral act’, she said, but an active intervention that ‘may have significant effects on the child or young person in terms of their psychological functioning.’ These are actions with consequences, and she now adds:

‘When families/carers are making decisions about social transition of pre-pubertal children, services should ensure that they can be seen as early as possibleby a clinical professional with relevant experience.’ [my emphasis]

This may mean that school policies on social transitioning need updating. Much attention has been given to the outrageous decisions of schools to keep parents in the dark about their children transitioning. One mother from the West Country, for example, told the Telegraph that she only discovered her daughter had been allowed to change gender at school when teachers called her ‘he’ at a parents’ evening. In other cases, however, parents are very much aware of what is going on and may even be driving their children’s cross-sex identification. Those cases may cause an even bigger headache for policy makers, who have placed a large emphasis on the view of parents.

When a distinguished former president of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health makes these recommendations, lessons need to be learned, and not just by the NHS. The doctors, teachers, parents – and indeed politicians – who facilitated this outrage need to wake up to the damage that is being done to the next generation. This is not a drill; children are still being harmed.



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