We the People MUST Pressure AG Barr to Enforce the Law

Tom Zawistowski, the President of the We the People Convention, is calling for Americans everywhere to get out in Public and DEMAND Equal Justice under the law. He is specificly calling for citizens to hold sign-waves over interstates and at busy intersections in their communities as well as other forms of protest. Zawistowski's Portage County TEA Party will be holding a "Demand Equal Justice Protest" outside the FBI Building in downtown Cleveland on Thursday, October 3, 2019 from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM.

Zawistowski said, "It is time that We the People stand up to the corruption in our law enforcement community, our judicial system, our federal government, our political parties and the media. No one is above the law and we demand that justice be enforced equally. What the regressive, Leftist, Democrati/Socialists in Congress, in our government, and in our media are doing is nothing less than a coup attempt on this President that is designed to take away the votes of 62 million Americans and reverse the results of a fair election." 

Zawistowski concluded, "We demand that US Attorney General Bill Barr use all the resources at his disposal to bring charges against ALL of those who have committed crimes regardless of their position in society or in government. Our Constitution gives us a nation ruled by law and not men.  It is now clear that for several decades at least we have been a nation ruled by men who break our laws with impunity to rule over us. We will not stand for this double standard any longer."

Protest Sign Ideas:

AG Bill Barr will not act without public pressure, so let’s start putting on the pressure!

Here are specific Actions YOU can take:

1) Organize a sign-wave on an interstate bridge or busy intersection in your community.

2)  Call/Write to US Attorney General William Barr and DEMAND that those in the DOJ/FBI/CIA/NSA/State Dept/White House and other federal agencies who broke the law be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law! Barr will not have the courage to act without public pressure.

3) Make Plans NOW to Protest in your Community or at the nearest FBI office or DOJ Office (Northern Ohio - Southern Ohio) if charges are not filed against the perpetrators of the Trump Coup Attempt. 

4) Write Letters to the Editor and call-in to local talk radio shows explaining that without equal justice for all the United States can not exist.  Demand that law enforcement at all levels start doing their jobs and start treating all citizens equally.

5) Put your Trump sign back out in your yard to show support for our duely electect President and fly your Trump 2020 flag!

Sign-Wave on Bridge by Tom Zawistowski is licensed under N/A N/A

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