Outrageous Opening Statement by Lying Dem Schiff

What kind of people look the American people directly in the eye and just flat out lie to them?  Who does that?  Does anyone in ANY other part of your life do that? You would NEVER let them! So, why are we tolerating this behavior in elected officials?

People who do such things, meaning all regressive Leftist Democrat/Socialist Communists, should NEVER have power over  YOU and ME!  When is Bill Barr, and President Trump, going to bring an end to this charade and start charging REAL criminals like Joe Bidden, and Hunter Bidden, and McCabe, and Comey, and Stuck , and Page, and Yates, and Brennan, and Clapper, and ALL the REST of the corrupt people who have stolen our Government and are trying to enslave our nation????

So, let me get this straight:

Democrat Joe Bidden admits on video that he told the Ukraine Government that the Obama Administration would withhold $1 Billion in Loan Guarantees if they did not fire the Prosecutor investigating the Ukrainian Company and Bank that was paying Bidden's son, who had no experience and no qualifications, $50,000 per month. The media and Dems have no problem with that . . . even though it has been known for years . . . 

The Obama FBI and DOJ know all about Bidden's son's activities and the fact that Ukrainian Oligarchs have stollen $1.8 BILLION in US Aid and they do nothing about it . . . 

The Obama Administration uses the US Ambassador to Ukraine to ask Ukraine for dirt on Trump advisor Paul Manafort in order to undermine the Trump Campaign during the 2016 election. The Ukrainians produce a phony ledger that says Manafort was paid money in cash that he did not pay taxes on - which was not true - and the Obama FBI and DOJ use that information in the Russiagate investigation and the Mueller Special Councel team use that dirt to indict Manfort. . . The media and the Dems have no problem with that . . . even though that proves Ukraine, a foreign nation, was interfereing in our 2016 elections . . . 

Now, since the Obama DOJ and FBI are in on the scandal and the coverup, the Trump White House asks Rudy Gulliani to investigate the involvement of Ukraine in influencing our 2016 election. Gulliani finds that their is truth to the charges and the Ukrainian Government asks for our help in cleaning up the corruption in their government. . . 

This leads to Trump having a phone call with the Ukrainian President during which Trump asks if their will be an investigation of what happend in Ukraine and when he is told that their would be he offers US assistance.

Read the Full Transcript Yourself by clicking HERE!

The Deep State, finds out about this call, does not want to be exposed and charged with their crimes, so they pretend to be whistle blowers and leak to the media that Trump was asking Ukraine to give him dirt on Joe Bidden in order to influence the 2020 election!  Not to investigate the real crimes that Joe Bidden has ADMITTED on video, no not that, nothing to see there for the actual crimes they committed!  No, we need a totally fake Public Congressional Hearing where Trump is made out to be the criminal - not the real criminals in Joe and Hunter Bidden and the DOJ and FBI and members of the State Department who abused their power to try and take away  the votes of 62 MILLION Americans and steal a Presidential Election!

The fact that all of our national media covered this complete farce LIVE today is an outrage. The Democrat/Socialists are bald faced liars and way too many Americans do not understand that this clown show was intended to mislead them and to cover up the real crimes being committed daily by members of our Government and our law enforcement agencies!

It is now up to real Americans to tell the truth and expose these liars. Then you must contact US Attorney General Bill Barr and DEMAND that he prosecute ALL of those who committed crimes. Without Equal Justice under the Law we are not a nation at all. Click here for Bill Barr's Contact information and then ACT before it is too late to save our Republic!

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