The Famine that is Coming will be worse than they want you to know!

We, the United States and the Western World, are at literal WAR with a new type of Totalitarianism that is just as EVIL as Hitler, Stalin, Mao and North Korea's Kim Jong-un!  This War is about to kill MORE MILLIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE than all of those depots did throughout history!  Within the next 12 Months!  Watch this Video by Michael Yon and Dr Jordan B Peterson and Know the Truth about what is about to happen and who is doing it. The signs are all around us and our "leaders" have been bought off and are facilitating this catastrphe. All Liberty Loving People of the World must Unite NOW to DEFEAT and DESTROY the people and forces responsible.

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Biden Forced Out of Presidential Race
Biden Forced Out of Presidential Race

Biden drops out of presidential race after Democratic revolt following disastrous debate


Burgess Owens Pushing Chevron Sunset Act
Burgess Owens Pushing Chevron Sunset Act

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J.D. Vance RNC Acceptance Speech 7-17-24
J.D. Vance RNC Acceptance Speech 7-17-24

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