Press Release: WTPC Calls Out Army Officials on Martial Law


For Immediate Release: Sunday, December 20, 2020
Contact: Tom Zawistowski,


WTPC Calls Out Army Secretary and Army Chief of Staff for Ill-Informed Statements about Potential Use of Martial Law

Akron, OH: Today, Tom Zawistowski, President of the Ohio-based TEA Party-Affiliated We the People Convention (WTPC) and Executive Director of the Portage County TEA Party, called out Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy and Army Chief of Staff General James McConville for making inappropriate, inaccurate, and unauthorized political statements concerning the role of the U.S. Army as it relates to the current Constitutional crisis facing America due to election fraud, and the potential need for the President to invoke Martial Law to protect and defend the Constitution and to preserve our Republic. McCarthy and McConville reportedly made the statement this past Friday, December 18, 2020, that “There is no role for the U.S. Military in determining the outcome of an American election” in response to an interview by Retired Lt. General Michael Flynn on Newsmax TV suggesting that President Trump may have to use Martial Law and military capabilities to address the massive election fraud that has been well documented and the ongoing attacks by Communist China and Russia on our nation.

Zawistowski explained, “No one, including the WTPC or General Flynn, is suggesting that the U.S. Army or any other branch of the U.S. Military be used to “determine the outcome of an American election.” For Secretary McCarthy and General McConville to suggest such a thing indicates that they are either ill-informed or were fooled by the left-wing media into confirming a lie that the left has been trying to sell to the American people to misrepresent our position. If you read the full page Ad that our organization printed in the Washington Times it states EXPLICITLY that the role of the military would be to OVERSEE a free and fair national re-vote of all federal elections - not to DETERMINE ANYTHING. Their SOLE PURPOSE would be to ENABLE the American people to determine the TRUE WINNER OF OUR ELECTION. Unfortunately the majority of the public now believes that the election was fraudulent and the only way to determine the truth is to use the Military and limited Martial Law to conduct a national or statewide re-vote. Second, our Ad made it clear that it was the SWORN DUTY of ALL members of the U.S. Military, as well as the President, to protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. It is in fact the Highest Honor of any member of the military to fulfill that Oath! Nothing could be more important under that Oath than guaranteeing that the American people are able to have a free and fair election where every legal vote counts and no illegal votes are counted in order to elect OUR federal representatives.”

Zawistowski continued, “Furthermore, the President of the United States is the Commander In Chief and it is inappropriate at best for the Army Secretary or the Army Chief of Staff, or any member of the military, to have anything to say in public regarding duties they may be called upon to perform at his order. To suggest that they would question or not carry out such an order is nothing short of insubordination or worse. Despite what Leftist law professors are quoted as saying in the left-wing Military Times about the President’s ability to use Martial Law, the majority of the American people feel that nothing short of Martial Law can address the systemic breakdown of the rule of law in our nation. The failure of law enforcement, government officials, and our courts to even investigate, let alone address the corruption and lawlessness in our nation at the highest levels - including the fact that Joe Biden AND Kamala Harris, among others in our government, are compromised by the Communist Chinese and Russia - is more than enough reason for the American people to not just accept, but literally demand that President Trump invoke Martial Law to address these issues. No less than the nationally recognized organization of former military, police and first responders, Oath Keepers, came out this week DEMANDING that the President invoke the Insurrection Act in a carefully documented letter spelling out the justification for such action!”

Zawistowski concluded, “We the People totally REJECT the outright cheating in this election, and the systemic, coordinated theft of our legal votes, by the Democrat/Socialists and their Communist Chinese enablers. We the People DEMAND that President Trump act, as Lincoln did, to use the Extraordinary Powers of the Presidency to fulfill his Oath of Office and protect our right to vote to elect our federal representatives and preserve our Union. Members of the U.S. Military should be more than willing to play their appropriate role, to do their duty, and live up to their Oath to protect and defend the Constitution and our Nation. Our position is that it is not a choice for the President and the Military to act, it is their sworn duty to act, and we will support whatever methods are necessary to assure that we have a fair election and that We the People decide who will be our President and our members of Congress.”


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