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Title: Anthony Fauci and the Public Health Establishment 

Hillsdale College. March 5, 2023 
There may be some small errors or typos here, I apologize. Tried to listen and type at the same time for most of it: 

Been an environmental attorney for 40 years. He found that big companies has privatized the public commons through pollution and then having the clout with politicians to escape culpability. As he spoke around the nation on issues like mercury contamination in water, he was followed at speeches by mothers that had disabled children. The mothers thought vaccines were responsible for causing the disability. The mothers felt mercury present in vaccines was the culprit and they asked RFK Jr to take a look at this issue. He was not inclined to do so at first. 

One of the mothers tracked him down at his house. She brought a massive stack of published scientific studies on mercury. She said she wasn't leaving until he read them all. He sat down and got through about a third of them and realized that what the public health authorities were saying was wildly divergent from what the science was saying.  

Using his connections, he started calling agency heads, like the head of NIH, Francis Collins. They just parroted the same phrase to him, "safe and effective." His conversations made him realize that the public health agencies, similar to the EPA, were captured by Big Biz, Big Pharma etc.  

The more he looked, the more he found out things like, at the CDC, much of their budget is devoted to purchasing and distributing vaccines. They are in the business of vaccine uptake, so they push vaccines by default. 

One of the things he found was that, at places like NIH - they spend taxpayer dollars through research to develop or help develop vaccines. The vaccine work is then packaged up and sent to universities to do the early Phase 1 and Phase 2 studies, which provide huge amounts of money to the schools. These trials are always designed to succeed. They are then sent to Big Pharma for final trials. When approved, these entities then share in the royalties. The people that populate the panels are generally hand picked by major decision makers like Fauci. 

Talks about getting de-platformed for 'vaccine misinformation' and that his conspiracy theories take about three months to come true. 

During that week (of his talk), Moderna made a $400M payment to NIH on royalties. 

Says when he was a child he got 3 vaccines. Says in CA today, a kid has to get over 70 vaccines. 

Talks about Reagan's effect on vaccine, through granting immunity. The statute granting immunity says that vaccines are unavoidably unsafe - if I had the statute at hand I'd quote it to see the specific language.  

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He gives an astounding figure that was hard to understand due to his speech, but he seemed to be saying vaccines are killing 68,000 kids every year. I don't know if that's true, or if that number includes other categories besides vaccines. 

The 4 companies that make all of our vaccines have paid $35B in penalties in the last 10 years. 

Says that in 2016, Trump appointed RFK Jr to lead a vaccine safety council and ordered Fauci and Collins to meet with him. Fauci had been calling him a lair about safety concerns, for years. At the meeting he challenged Fauci to produce just one study that demonstrated the safety of "biologics" and Fauci pretended to look through a folder and said, "well I don't have it with me, I'll send it to you" and he never got anything from Fauci.  

He then gives a vignette on why Hep B vaccine is given to children, and it's an utter scam. 

He addresses the explosion in chronic illnesses that now appear in children that were never present in the past. 

He pivots to COVID and the reaction to it. Mentions the importance of the First Amendment and how, during COVID, they shut down churches without even one scientific study as some type of justification. Talks about how each prong of the First Amendment was attacked. The entire COVID response was arbitrary and capricious. 

Addresses the idea that the Founders didn't write the Constitution with knowledge about pandemics - this is sometimes used to justify the powers the government wielded - and he says there were pandemics during the Revolutionary War, and after, before the ratification of the Constitution, so they were certainly familiar with them. 

Talks about Event 201, which was a coronavirus simulation event, took place early 2019. Hosted by Bill Gates and April Haynes (sp?), CIA. Says the whole thing as a ploy to use COVID as a means to implement totalitarian control. One of the parts of Event 201 was looking at ways to clamp down on people claiming there was a lab leak. The solution was getting social media onboard etc. He found that there have been numerous "Event 201" functions since about 2000, and all have been scripted by the CIA. 

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He goes on to detail stuff the CIA has done since WWII, such as Operation Paperclip, poisoning people etc. Mentions Nixon ending the US bioweapons program in 1969. Nixon was worried the bioweapons could be reproduced by virtually anyone then used against Americans. The Pentagon destroyed all its bioweapons materials but the CIA took all their specimens / collections and sequestered them in various locations...and then in 2001 we started seeing these pandemic simulations from the CIA. 

Says some Senate hearings were held on bioweapon issues as a result of the CIA simulations. Then we had 911 and the PATRIOT ACT was pulled off the shelf, where it had been for a while, to get rammed through Congress. One of the things the act did was make it so no federal official can be prosecuted for violating things like the Geneva Convention (tied to bioweapon stuff). This re-opened the bioweapons program, effectively. 

The first CIA simulation was about Saddam conducting a bioweapon attack in NYC. As debate on PATRIOT ACT took place, there was the anthrax scare which was blamed on Saddam, and CIA et al all said, "See, we were right", and the PATRIOT ACT was soon passed. The anthrax had been sent to the offices of two senators - the two senators that were helping to block the PATRIOT ACT at the time. (In case you are wondering, Ron Paul was in the House at this time.) He says the FBI analyzed the anthrax in the attack and said it could have only come from one place - Ft. Detrick, where the CIA bioweapons were at before Nixon shut it down. 

After passing PATRIOT ACT, there was $2B/yr for bioweapons programs. Pentagon did not want to mess with this due to Geneva Convention etc, and the money ended up getting routed through NIH and NIAID (Fauci's institute). Bioweapons are always coupled to vaccine development because you have to have a vaccine for your own people before deploying them against an enemy. 

In 2014, 3 of Fauci's "bugs" escaped from labs. Caused uproar. Many scientists petitioned Obama to shut down Fauci saying he would cause a pandemic. Obama declared a moratorium. Fauci defied this order and instead offshored the work to Wuhan and Ukraine. There was subsequently NIH / NIAID, DoD, CIA money put into this program(s). 

He details some of the background on the rift between he, his family, and the CIA. Talks more about things the CIA has done, like MK Ultra and how CIA uses tools to manipulate small groups, create mass psychosis etc. Says that among the things learned is about 2/3 of people will violate the rights of others and even cause them pain and harm, if they are simply told to do so by an authority figure (Milgram studies for example). The response to COVID demonstrated the real world application of these things. 

Wraps up by stating the "33%" are the ones that will have to fight for the 67% and concludes with three points: any power that govt takes from the people, it will never return voluntarily; any power the govt takes, it will use to the maximum extent and abuse it; nobody has ever complied their way out of totalitarianism.


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