Is their a Plot to Turn US House Over to Dems?

Revealed: RINO “four-man scheme” to keep Trump out of the White House if he wins—now we know why they removed Santos…


Breaking: Johnson's margin drops to one vote as Gallagher heads for early exit

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MTG wants Republican Mike Gallagher "expelled" from Congress

by, March 19, 2024

t’s no secret that the Democrats and RINOs aren’t exactly overflowing with dignity, especially when it comes to President Trump. Their fear of him—and what he stands for, which is us, the people—makes them toss logic, reason, and any semblance of shame out the window in their attempts to block him, and by extension, us, from claiming the power that’s rightfully and constitutionally ours. What does that say about the state of our putrid government? Well, we’re about to tell you. Get ready for this latest, and brace yourself; the stench of rotting RINO is about to get really strong.

It’s clear as day that the Dems are like the Energizer Bunny of politics—they just don’t quit. But the Republicans? Well, they tend to fold faster than Superman on laundry day. Yet, when it’s time to serve their true bosses, the American Deep State Regime, they suddenly find their backbone and go to battle. So, when the directive came down to block President Trump from making his White House comeback, RINOs were once again suited up and raring to go.  They’re at it again, scheming to block Trump, even if (and when) he clinches the 2024 election. However, their “brand-new” strategy is nothing more than a blast from the past. Years ago, during the 2018 mid-terms, RINOs bowed out in droves, handing over the reins of the House to the Democrats on a silver platter, all so they could take a couple of swings at impeaching President Trump. Two sham impeachments, to be exact.

Here we go again, folks. But this round, they only need a handful of RINOs to make their scheme work, especially now that George Santos is out of the picture.

RINO Ken Buck has made it painfully clear that he’s part of a four-man scheme to stop President Trump, even when he’s duly elected for a third time by We, the People. They plan to resign before 2024 so that Democrats will be in charge of the House and control the certification process.
If you’ve ever questioned the reality of the Uniparty, let this be your wake-up call. It’s alive, kicking, and using every ounce of its energy to fight the people.

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There’s also a theory floating around that Buck and the gang are using this anti-Trump maneuver not just to block Trump himself but to clear the field of MAGA lawmakers, paving the path for a new wave of Dem-endorsed RINOs.


Rep. Ken Buck, R-Colo., refuted assertions that his early departure from Congress was a calculated move to thwart Rep. Lauren Boebert’s electoral ambitions in the 4th Congressional District, The Hill reported.

Buck, who previously declared he would not seek reelection, announced his premature retirement, setting the stage for a special election to fill his seat.

Boebert, characterizing Buck’s decision as “weak sauce” and a “gift to the Uniparty,” insinuated a clandestine arrangement orchestrated by the establishment to manipulate the electoral landscape in her favor. “The establishment concocted a swampy backroom deal to try to rig an election I’m winning by 25 points,” she said in a statement.

In response, Buck rebuffed these claims, labeling them as “ridiculous” and emphasizing his neutrality in the electoral process. “I have done my very best to stay out of this primary election,” he stated, underscoring his commitment to impartiality.

Explaining his rationale for the early retirement announcement, Buck emphasized the importance of synchronizing the special election with the primary scheduled for June 25. “I thought that was really important,” he remarked.

Ken can brush off the accusations all he likes, but for what it’s worth, this is how the Marxist left-wing X account “Occupy Democrats” reported on this issue:

Disgraced Trumper Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is hit with the most devastating news of her entire political career as the largest newspaper in Colorado drops a bombshell that puts her re-election bid in serious jeopardy.

It all started when Colorado Republican Congressman Ken Buck announced that he is retiring over Trump’s stranglehold over the Republican Party and its agenda.

Now, the Colorado Sun is reporting that this news couldn’t be worse for Lauren Boebert because she was running to defeat Ken Buck in November — but now a special election will have to be held — and the Republican and Democratic party will have to choose their own candidates to run in it. Since Boebert is plagued with scandals and has made a lot of enemies within the party the Colorado Sun predicts that they may end up NOT choosing Boebert.

To make matters even worse for Boebert, the Colorado Sun also reports that she will have to resign her current Congressional seat in order to be eligible to run in the special election because Colorado law bans candidates from running for more than one office at a time.

Even worse for Republicans, the Colorado Sun also reports that her resignation would set up yet another Congressional special election — putting yet another Republican House seat and their razor-thin majority in serious risk.

Tick-tock, Lauren Boebert…




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