Our Plan to Re-Take Control of our Country!

This is OUR  Plan to Fix the Fraud, Vote out the "America Haters" and re-take control of our Nation to Restore Limited Constitutional Governance!

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Fellow Patriot,

If you have been listening to my weekly podcast, you are aware that the window of opportunity for us to reclaim control of our nation from the communist left is a very narrow one. I warned last year that if we didn’t win the election, the left would make sure that we never won again. Well, we did win the 2020 election - but the left was taking no chances and they executed an elaborate plan to steal it - and they did!

Many of you joined our organization since last December when we ran this full ad page in the Washington Times and made international news. In our ad we made the case for President Trump to temporarily declare limited Martial Law for the sole purpose of having the US Military oversee, not run, a re-vote of the federal elections in all 50 states as a way to confirm the election results and avoid a civil war. It would have also exposed the voter fraud!

We took a lot of heat. We were called traitors and worse.

We know from first hand accounts from General Mike Flynn and Patrick Byrne that the President considered our proposal but ultimately put his faith in the courts where he never stood a chance. If he had done what we asked, he would be President today and the American people would have seen that voter fraud was conducted in all 50 states and has been for decades. Most of all, many political operatives and government employees from all over the nation would now be in jail or at least on trial. America would be GREAT AGAIN!

Instead, 55 Patriots are being illegally held as political prisoners in solitary confinement by an illegitimate communist backed regime that is using them to intimidate millions of us who could easily be in their place! While the Establishment “Republican” lawyers in the White House argued with President Trump that it would be “crazy” to declare Martial Law to defend the integrity of our election system, Joe Biden and the radical left, led by Pelosi and Schumer, had no qualms whatsoever about doing exactly what they said Trump couldn’t do! What else would you call deploying 26,000 troops to surround the Capital for six months and then turning the NSA, FBI, DOJ, the Capital Police and the U.S. Military, against 75,000,000 Americans who have done nothing but stand up for our Constitutional rights? Isn’t that limited Martial Law? They are using it to do the opposite of what Trump should have done, they are using the forces of government to try stop us from exposing their successful coup!

We have an Actual PLAN to re-take control of our Nation!

So, now we find ourselves exactly where I warned we would be before last years election! Their attempt to pass HR1 was an attempt by the left to make sure that they never again lost power over the American people. Thanks in part to our efforts in calling West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, we narrowly avoided that fate - for now! They will keep trying!

The bottom line is that we now have a VERY narrow window of opportunity to take back control of our nation before it is too late. I mean like a four year window at best. If we do not take the appropriate steps to drive out the communist left NOW, your children and grandchildren are not going to grow up in the United States of America with all the freedoms and rights in our Constitition. We are going to be destroyed by China and live in a socialist hell hole for eons unless you and I and our fellow citizens take action.

As I laid out in our weekly podcast recently, the We the People Convention has a viable plan to regain control of our nation and we need your help to execute this plan. The first step is that we must prove the election fraud because that is what we need to win the battle of public opinion. Fortunately, the work being done by Patriots in Arizona and Georgia and other states along with Mike Lindell’s team looks like it will pay off in a big way. Polls already show that 70% of Republican voters, and 45% of Independent voters, and even 10% of Democrat voters don’t believe the 2020 Presidential election results. Getting the PROOF, the proof that has been suppressed since election day, will guarantee that the majority of American’s will believe that the election was stolen!

Our JOB is to make that happen and then turn it into big, massive, sweeping, wins in the 2022 and 2024 elections. How do we do that? Well, we are going to use a tactic that we used last year to help Trump win Ohio by 8%. It was called our Barn Billboard Program and it was designed to overcome social and regular media censorship by going directly to the people with a persuasive message.

The program worked like this. We got farmers and people with large buildings or property along interstates and busy state routes to agree to put up huge billboard on their build or property for us if we paid to have them produced and shipped to them. We are talking 20’ x 40’ billboard size signs. We ended up getting 100 billboards put up in Ohio that were seen by millions of voters every week.

We want to do the same thing in this campaign but we want to take it nationally!

Here is what the billboard will look like. It is designed to accomplish multiple goals. First, it states clearly that the Audits Prove that TRUMP WON! This is important because the media and social media have made sure that half of America doesn’t even know that audits were being done. Now this giant billboard shows up in your community that confirms what you suspected and says there is PROOF that Trump Won! People begin to talk about it and look into it.

Then our billboard says “Biden and Harris are Illegitimate”! Why? It is important to make that statement publicly in LARGE letters for ALL to see, with no censorship because it will make an impression on people. People will believe it because they will see it over and over again. We must establish the illegitimacy of these frauds in the White House so that people are motivated to throw out those reponsible in the next election.

That is the same tactic the left used with the “Russia, Russia, Russia” hoax to get people to think Trump was “illegitimate” and vote him out! The difference is that this voter fraud was no hoax and we need the American people to know it so they will act to rectify this injustice.

Sponsor a Billboard or Order a Yard Sign!

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The final line on the billboard is VERY important. When we say “You will NOT Steal our Votes!” We are messaging the media, big tech, the corporation, the left and the democrats that we know they are responsible and We the People intend to hold them accountable. Then we say “We will FIX THE FRAUD” which is a message to Republican Legislators all over, particularly in the five states that stole the election, that they better fix it or we will fix them! The message is do your job and pass legislation that ends this fraud or we will vote you out in the primary.

Finally, it say we are going to “VOTE YOU OUT”. This message is intended for the millions of Trump voters who are not going to vote, perhaps ever again, unless we convince them that the fraud is fixed and their vote will count. This message is CRITICAL! We will not be able to take back the House and hopefully the Senate in 2022, and at least stop the madness and this assault on US and our nation, without those votes. We need to tell them that their vote will count and they need to come out and vote the communists OUT! That is what this billboard is intended to do.

So, to wrap it all up, this is our plan to regain control of our nation: We prove the fraud. We use that to win the public opinion battle and force Republicans to pass the necessary election law reforms. We then pick true MAGA supporters to run for Congress and Senate in 2022 and we turn out in force to take back the U.S. House and Senate. Then we go after the Biden Administration, the Deep State and the Communists in our government and our nation with hearings and legislation that defunds the criminals in our government and restores the rule of law. Finally we re- elect Trump in 2024 with bigger majorities in the House and Senate and we totally clean house in Washington. People on the left will actually go to jail. Judges will be impeached. Entire Government Agencies will be defunded and shut down.

That’s the plan! Can it be done? Absolutely. Will it be done? Only if we do our job as the American People and understand that no one is going to save our nation or the world but US!

All of this costs money of course. If we are going to pay for 1,000 billboards across the United States, even at $500 each including shipping, we need to raise a lot of money to pay for them! Therefore, while you may have donated in the past, and may have done so recently, I am asking you to please give again if you can and get others to do so as well. Please also help find us barns and large buildings in your area where they will hang our Billboard!

I would never ask for money unless it was important and I think I have made it very clear that this is very important! Nothing could be MORE IMPORTANT! Please click the button below to make a donation to help pay for a Large Billboard or donate and get a sign for your own yard! You can also mail a check to us at P.O. Box 6211, Akron, OH 44312. Any amount would be greatly appreciated!

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

Sponsor a Billboard or Order a Yard Sign!

Request a FREE Barn Billboard for YOUR Building!

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