Newest Study Proves Masks Don't Work - CDC Does't Care!

CDC Fails to "Follow the Science" that shows clearly that Masks - Including N-95 Masks - DON'T WORK when even the New York Times Finally Acknowledges the Science!

by Greg Piper, Just the, January 31, 2023

An international research collaboration that reviewed several dozen rigorous studies of "physical interventions" against influenza and COVID-19 through last year failed to find even a modest effect on infection or illness rates from masks of all qualities.

Published in the peer-reviewed Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, run by the British evidence-based medicine charity Cochrane, the study raises new doubts about ongoing mask mandates and public health recommendations worldwide.

The CDC is still recommending masking in areas with "high" transmission levels — fewer than 4% of U.S. counties — as well as indoor masking to protect high-risk contacts in "medium" counties (27%).

Masks are still required in educational institutions in Democratic strongholds such as New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Washington and California, according to the Daily Mail. Boston Public Schools denied its "temporary masking protocol" in early January was a "mandate," following a public letter against the policy by student Enrique Abud Evereteze.

Masks forever? Feds, medical world double down on mandates despite evidence they don’t work

by Greg Piper, Just the, February 23, 2023

Decades of research finding that face masks provide little to no real-world benefit against respiratory viruses, recently reaffirmed by a "gold standard" Cochrane meta-review of randomized controlled trials, aren't budging the faith of federal regulators and the U.S. medical establishment.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration could impose some form of mask mandate in healthcare settings permanently, assuming the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs approves its final rule submitted in December.

CDC Director Rochelle Walensky recently told Congress not only that the agency didn't study mask efficacy against COVID because there was no "equipoise in the question," meaning everyone knew masks worked, but also that its recommendation to mask even 2-year-olds in areas with high COVID infections would not change in response to growing scientific doubt about masking's efficacy.


New York Times finally admits masks were totally useless at stopping the spread of COVID

by Kennedy Hall,, February 23, 2023

(LifeSiteNews) –– An opinion piece was published in The New York Times on Tuesday called The Mask Mandates Did Nothing. Will Any Lessons Be Learned?” giving yet another example of how even the Left is waking up to the nonsense of the COVID restrictions.

The piece, written by Bret Stephens, quoted Oxford epidemiologist Tom Jefferson, who said, “There is just no evidence that they [masks] make any difference. Full stop.”

Amazing, isn’t it? It only took three years for the mainstream media to admit what was known by “conspiracy theorists” in March 2020. This sort of statement would have gotten you banned from YouTube until about 15 minutes ago, but apparently, it is now permitted at the Times.

Now, the critic might retort that it is only non-medical masks or simply cloth masks that do nothing. However, Jefferson said that even if one were to don an N-95 mask that it “makes no difference – none of it.”

Asked about why mask mandates were enforced despite the now obvious evidence showing they do absolutely nothing for the general population, he said that the policies were based on “non-randomized … flawed observational studies.”

Again, those of us who are not predisposed to trusting everything the powers that be declare knew this a long time ago.

No protection at all

It did not take a genius to look up the size of a virus particle and compare that to the size of the pores in even a medical mask to realize that using a mask to stop a respiratory virus was like holding up a chain-link fence as a shield to stop yourself from getting wet.

Masks have long been used in medical settings when properly fitted in order to stop the transmission of bacterial debris, which makes perfect sense when you consider how risky it could be for spittle and other fluids to make their way into an open wound. But the fact has always been that if you can breathe through something then you can pass along what you breathe.

Add to that the fact that people used all sorts of materials for their masks – I remember a woman in a drive-through using the top of a winter toque – and what we had was billions of people walking around with loose handkerchiefs over their mouths as if they were COVID-bullet proof vests.

Unsettling science

I can’t be certain if any of the experts ever said things like “the science is settled” about the efficacy of masks, but they definitely acted as if it was. The fact that people were dragged off trains, planes, and out of supermarkets for not donning the muzzle definitely made it seem like the “science was settled.” It was so settled that you had a hard time participating in society if you didn’t act like it was settled.

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