NC Supreme Court Overturns Dem Election Map

North Carolina Supreme Court Ruling Could Have Major Impact on Congressional Races in 2024 Aiding Republicans

by Bonchie,, April 28, 2023

In news that probably won’t get the amount of attention it deserves, a massive ruling was handed down by the North Carolina Supreme Court on Friday. The newly-minted conservative majority found that partisan gerrymandering does not violate the state’s constitution, reversing a ruling made by the court when it was under previous Democrat control.

The prior left-wing court invented out of whole cloth a constitutional provision that forced the legislature to create so-called “fair districts.” What that means is that the map that was ultimately adopted for the 2022 election was drawn in such a way as to guarantee a near-neutral split between Republican and Democrat seats. That allowed Democrats to win several seats they would have otherwise lost.

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But as some of us warned at the time, that wasn’t going to be the last word on the matter. Because supreme court judges in North Carolina are elected, Republicans took a commanding 5-2 majority. As predicted, that led to the matter of partisan gerrymandering being taken up again. Now, the chickens have come home to roost, and it’s all over but the crying.

It can’t be understated how big of a deal this is. The GOP has a very slim majority in the House of Representatives right now. All it would have taken were a few bad candidates or scandals to arise during the next election to hand the gavel over to Hakeem Jeffries. Having a high probability of an extra four seats in North Carolina is just the breathing room Republicans need to ensure they hold onto power, no matter what happens with the presidential election in 2024.

Redistricting wasn’t the only thing on the menu, though. The supreme court also reversed rulings by the old Democrat majority that found voter ID to be illegal and allowed felons to vote.

It’s been a good day for North Carolina. It’s also been a good day for America. These rulings will go a long way in pushing back on Democratic Party control, both at the state and national levels.



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