Memorial Day Message

Each Memorial Day I am amazed at how many people confuse it with Veterans Day or simply have no idea what Memorial Day is about.  I used to say to people “Happy Memorial Day” but it is not a happy day, it is a solemn day.  Memorial Day is the day that we remember, and morn, and appreciate those members of the American Military who have been killed in combat defending our nation and our freeedom over our history.

A few years back I started putting together this chart showing the numbers of American soldiers killed in action defending our freedom from the Revolutionary War until present day. By my count, one million, three hundred and twenty thousand, two hundred and fourty one soldiers, sailors, and airmen, have been killed in action since the Revolutionary war. That doesn't include thousands, if not tens of thousands, of members of the military who died training for battle or in accidents not directly related to battle.

People really react strongly when I give out that large number which I update each year. I find that updating the list each Memorial Day focuses my attention on the fact that the fight for freedom never ends and has very serious consequences. Freedom is not free. It must be defended EVERY DAY by EVERY ONE OF US. Too often American’s forget that. Memorial Day is the day to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice to defend Freedom.

Talk about those relatives and friends you know who gave the ultimate sacrice for our nation. Say their names! Talk about their lives and how much of their lives they did not get to live so that we could live our lives in freedom and prosperity. Be sure to tell the children in your circle. Show them a picture. Take them to the cemetary today. Make the effort this Memorial Day to honor these true heros and patriots as we should.

For Liberty,

Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

"You do not have a choice to fight evil. You must fight evil. If you do not it will either kill you now or kill you later, but it will surely kill you."

Winston Churchill

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