Deceased Congressman John Lewis: Civil Rights Icon … and a Liar.

EDITORS NOTE: TV Coverage today notes the passing of long time Georgia Congressman John Lewis who was an "icon" of the Civil Rights Movement and showed great bravery and leadership in fighting for equal rights for black Americans in the 1960's. However, along the way, John Lewis lost his way. He became a tool of a system that continues to enslave Black Americans who are now on a "Government Plantation" which was constructed and maintained with the help of John Lewis and other "black leaders" who continue to use false claims of "racism" to get black votes and retain power. What is the poverty rate in John Lewis' district? What is the graduation rate of black students in his district? How well did he fulfil the promise of his historic civil rights accomplishments when he had all the power in the world to do so?

Our involvement with John Lewis as leaders in the TEA Party Movement shows that the older John Lewis did not care about "rights" or "equal justice under the law". Instead wrote letters and made phone calls to the IRS and other Government Agencies urging them to "Target" members and leaders of the TEA Party Movement, who were exposing the lies and corruption of the Obama presidency, in order to silence our voices. He did not care about our rights. He did not like that we were using the same peaceful protest "tactics" to reform a corrupt government that he used in the 1960's - and that they were being effective!  He unappolagetically used the power of the Federal Government to crush OUR freedom - like the Democrats historically did to him and black Americans. Hardly the kind of behavior becoming of a civil rights "icon."

The article below, from 2010, revisits perhaps one of the most despicable acts of slander and racial hatred committed by Congressman John Lewis. He knowingly and falsly claimed that TEA Party activist repeatedly shouted the "N-Word" at him, while he and Nancy Peolosi and other black congressional "leaders" walked through the crowd to illegally pass the now rejected "Obamacare" health care law.

Andrew Breitbart famously offered a $100,000 reward to anyone who could produce a video proving that what Lewis claimed actually happened. No one every provided that proof! John Lewis and his ilk made up that lie to smear patriotic American Citizens who simply did not agree with John Lewis and the communist left that was trying to take control of their lives through control of their health care. They did not like us using our constitutional rights to fight back against this tyranny and so they attacked us to stop us from fully participating in the 2012 Presidential election by illegally sicking the IRS on us. John Lewis led that attack.

We extend our sympathies to the family of Congressman John Lewis for their loss but we will not honor a person who so betrayed the ideals that brought him to power and betrayed his oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Neither should you.


John Lewis: Civil Rights Icon … and a Liar.

Posted at 10:20 am on March 23, 2010 by Martin Knight

According to the Left-Wing McClatchy Newspaper “reporter” William Douglas in an article on Saturday; Tea Partiers repeatedly screamed the N-word at John Lewis (D-GA) as he crossed over to the Capitol on his way to vote for Obamacare.

Unfortunately for William Douglas, the incident was caught on video, conclusively proving otherwise.

Let’s be blunt; John Lewis is a liar. He claimed the N-word was “shouted” over and over at him and yet no camera among the many there has caught anything of the sort. In other words, there is no doubt about it; he was and is lying straight through his teeth. As so is McClatchy’s William Douglas who filed the story, no doubt knowing full-well that it was false.

This is nothing but Standard Democrat Operating Procedure; shrieking accusations of racism, knowing they would be uncritically echoed by masquerading partisan operatives in the media like William Douglas, is as integral to Democrat politics as funneling taxpayer money to public employee unions for them to kickback into their campaign war chests. There has not been a single competitive election, legislative battle or even debate on the issues in the past four decades that Democrats have parachuted charges of racism and “hate.”

It is what Democrats use as shorthand for “I disagree”; it’s what they call their kids when they don’t do their homework. How does anyone think it became racist for one to be pro-life, or pro-school vouchers when the vast majority of black parents support school choice?
Worse is that Republicans everywhere start falling all over themselves to apologize for nothing giving credence to clearly false accusations and end up stripping their arguments of their most salient and effective points to avoid “offending” people who are faking it in the first place.

The fact that Lewis is a Civil Rights icon doesn’t change the fact that he has since become a party-hack Democrat and doesn’t make him any less likely to be a liar. I mean, doesn’t it strike anyone as odd the very fact that the Tea Partiers couldn’t find any other black Democrat to yell racial slurs at except *John Lewis*?

Note to all Republican and Conservative spokesmen; if you’re on TV or Radio and anyone brings this up, this is the only response; Lewis is lying. Simple, straight and to the point. If anyone even begins to hint that opposition to Obamacare is based on the color of Barack Obama’s skin, loudly and clearly denounce them and call them out-and-out liars without hesitation or apology.

Give no quarter. We’re going to have a hard enough time repealing this without having to defend against bogus charges of hate and prejudice by hate-filled and prejudiced people.

Source: Red State
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