America: Land of Promise . . . and Promises Kept!

Watch this video and read these words and know for what we are fighting and why we will Win!

by Tom Zawistowski, President, We the People Convention

And so it comes down to this, to this single day in History, where the fate of the Free World, the fate of Western Civilization itself, rests in the hands of a bunch of apparently “deplorable” and “unredeemable” Americans who are being censored by big tech, denigrated by big media, discredited by the political and polling experts, spied upon by their own government, sold out by elected officials and the globalists, betrayed by our institutions . . .

Yet here we are, standing together - unafraid, joined together - confident of victory, fighting together to right the wrongs, restore the rule of law, and reclaim the very idea of America for ourselves, for our families, for our nation, and for the free world.

Today is the day when we rise up as a massive and rightful majority to re-impose our will upon our lives, and our nation, and this world, and throw off the shackles placed upon us by those who oppose the very idea of America and the good that we all know to be true.

Today is that day, which will be remembered for decades to come, as the time when the American spirit filled the hearts of tens of millions of free men and women and gave us the courage and conviction to act, in unison, to smite the evil of anti-American Democrat/Communism, and its global master China, and began to drive it out of our nation and our lives and the world itself.

Let our numbers speak loudly. Let us pour into the polling places, unafraid of a virus, in numbers that will overwhelm the resistance of our enemies. Let us make our mandate so large that the re-elected President Trump can act aggressively against the anti-American forces in our nation and in our Government and defeat them.

Today, I urge you to take no quarter, to show no mercy, to vote for EVERY Republican and against EVERY Democrat/Communist! Let the world know without doubt that WE WILL NEVER BE A SOCIALIST COUNTRY! Defend our beloved Constitution with your vote and rally everyone you know to join the cause.

Victory will be OURS my fellow Patriots - for this is the Day when good men and women ACT so that Evil does NOT Succeed!


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