Jordan Peterson Delivers a Message of Hope in Trying Times


The Antidote to Evil is Truth! Listen to Jordan Peterson counter Tucker Carslon's fears and despondence about this year with a message of Hope for All of Us!


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Moderator: [00:00:00] I'd like you to be as daring as you can and as perceptive as only you can be. As someone who knows the United States, all of the United States very well, what do you predict is going to happen in this political year in that country?

Tucker Carlson: [00:00:17] You know, it's I mean, thank you. Um, I couldn't be more grateful to be an American. I've always felt that way. Um, as I said, my dad's family was from Nova Scotia. They left at the time of the American Revolution because they didn't want to be free. So they fled to the Maritimes and, um, just kidding. But anyway. And then they came back, uh, ultimately. Many are still there. Uh, their name is Ralph Hughes. I think they're liberal. But, um. But I have always been grateful for my birthright as an American and for the God given rights that are protected by my government officially in the Bill of rights, which is a beautiful document, the greatest document we've ever produced and that no other country has. So, um, and I will feel that way until I die. And unlike a lot of people in our leadership class, I have no plans to go anywhere else. I've got too many children and too many dogs, and I'm dying there. Uh, but I'm definitely very concerned and I can't see the outcome of this year clearly at all. I was thinking yesterday, it really is like looking through a shower curtain. You see these opaque shapes lurking, but you can't tell if they're friend or foe, nude or clothed. You know, you don't really know what you're looking at, but you know that there is a collision coming between titanic forces, the population of America versus its leaders, and it's coming to a head because of the structure of this election. And so you have the Republican candidate, and he is going to be the candidate whose election is the one thing.

Tucker Carlson: [00:01:52] I think it's I think it's it's kind of determined. Um, and of course it's politics. So it's filled with all sorts of, I mean, the amount of ugliness display beneath the surface in all politics everywhere is really awe inspiring. You know, these people are really dirty everywhere, not just my country. You may know about that, but, um. The one thing that the people in power and I don't just mean in Washington, in our government, I mean in our financial centers and entertainment centers. Our country's kind of cool because they're they're identified by cities. So Los Angeles, New York, Washington make all the decisions, of course. And. The one thing they won't tolerate is the orange man in power. And you sort of that like you wonder, well, why? Because Trump is not a radical at all. And Trump's vision for America. This is an informed assessment of Trump. Trump's vision for America is like studio 54in 1978. Like I'm serious. Trump really loved the country he grew up in. He really loved it. And he means it. He loved the people who lived there. He loved its traditions, its weird little customs, its idiosyncrasies. And that's kind of what he wants. He doesn't want a brave new future of new things. He wants to return not to antebellum America, but to like 1980 America. And it's kind of hard to argue why that's bad, actually. And so that's not a revolutionary agenda, nor is it a counter-revolutionary agenda. It's a return to normalcy. And the phrase Make America Great again means return it to a period not so long ago when everyone was enfranchised and everyone had rights, but everyone was roughly not everyone.

Tucker Carlson: [00:03:34] But most people were sort of united in a sense of common purpose and culture. They were Americans and they knew what that meant. And we don't have that anymore. And that's Trump's vision. So you may not think that's possible. Um, you may not think maybe that's even virtuous to want that. But if you think that's a grotesque hellscape that he's describing, you're the freak, not him. And yet they all feel that way. They mean it, too. They really feel that way. It's not a joke. And so what's going to happen? And I guess I dissent a little bit from the much more optimistic view that you have, both of you, which I really appreciate hearing, and I want to believe it, but that in the end, the will of the people matters. The conclusion that I've come to is that it matters less than it should, and that the people in power really do make the bulk of the decisions. And they say that after spending 35 years in Washington and watching the agenda of both parties and comparing that agenda to the public opinion polling of what people actually want, and finding no union set, no union set. Like they're just not the same agendas. And we have a democratic system where these people are elected every two years in the Congress, every six years in the Senate, every four years in the white House. And their agenda never changes.

Tucker Carlson: [00:04:40] And the desires of the American public, by and large, are never met or even addressed. And you sort of, after a while, conclude, maybe it doesn't matter what people want. It only matters what the people in power want. I don't want to think that, but I don't know what other conclusion to reach. So what you have now is a legit mass movement on behalf of Donald Trump. That's 100% real, and you have absolute ironclad resistance to the democratic process, working its way to a legitimate conclusion by the people who have all the power. What happens next? I don't even know. And I'll sum it up this way today. It is a race in the foreseeable future between Donald Trump, the former president, now effectively the Republican nominee, and the incumbent president president. They got more votes than Barack Obama somehow, um, because he's just so popular. It's just the magnetism. Um, he spent the entire 2020 campaign moldering and deteriorating in his basement, and somehow he was more popular than Barack Obama. Right. Okay. Anyway, um, so it's the race between Biden and Obama. I just don't see that happening. I just don't, and I hope to be wrong. I want to return to normalcy. Two I'm the opposite of a revolutionary. Two that's what I love about Trump. He doesn't want radical change. We're not we're not actually made for radical change. We can't digest it. People hate radical change. They want kind of continuity. And I do too. But I just don't see this playing out the way it's currently formulated. Sorry.

Jordan Peterson: [00:06:09] See. So I would say maybe that. And you, Tucker, you actually asked for an alternative to the view that you were expressing the somewhat pessimistic view of the dominance of people and power in the video that led up to your entrance onto the stage, you pointed out a realization that you had, which was that. Nothing better in your life can happen to you than what happens if you tell the truth. And I believe that to be the case. I actually believe that. That's why we have the idea that power is vested in the people. And I don't think that power is where people think it is. I don't think that power is in the hands of the elite. The ability to manipulate, misuse, power might be in the hand of the elite, but the power that we need to set the world straight is actually at your fingertips. And this is actually this is actually a rather terrifying realization, you know, because there's some relief in thinking that the elites can do whatever they want, and there's nothing that someone as small as you could possibly do about it. And that's wrong because you're not small and it's wrong because. It's irresponsible to presume that. And it's wrong because the truth is more terrifying and also more liberating. And the truth of the matter is, is that if you utilized what you had at hand, which at least is the ability that you have at hand to say what you think truly and as clearly as you can, even if you're not that articulate, that the world would change around you in ways that would make you immune to the blandishments of the power mongering elite.

Jordan Peterson: [00:07:56] And I'm I'm hoping that enough people will realize their the power of their affinity with the truth, especially when it's allied with the will to aim up to to have the courage to speak that truth. And if enough people do that, then the terrible things that we're concerned about coming forward at us in the future will have no purchase whatsoever. You know, like I learned a long time ago that the war that we're in is psychological or spiritual, if you want to look at it that way rather than political, and everyone has a sense of that now that it's something is moving that's more that's deeper than the mere political. The tectonic plates themselves are shifting. And you you're all going to play a role in that, you know, and the role you'll play is going to be determined by what you determine to ally your speech with, for example, your decision about whether or not you're going to tell the truth in the confines of your own life. And if enough people, all of you, if enough of you decide in the local circumstances of your own life to say, to dare to say what you believe to be true, then the tyrants will have no purchase on you and you won't be slaves. And just by definition.

Tucker Carlson: [00:09:18] Okay. Can I just, uh. That. No, I just want to say what a beautiful sentiment I think that is. And I wish I had said that, and I I'm so thankful that you said that. And the message that I often get, who knows from where is that? When I really feel like things are falling apart, that really the only thing I can do is to really try my best to be a better person and that that really matters. And specifically, I mean, to tell the truth all the time, not just in public but in private, to really love the people around me in in a and be attentive to them more than anything. And that in doing that you lose your fear of the future, and you know that no matter what happens, you're going to be okay. You're not afraid of death. And I anyway, thank you for saying that.




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