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Urgent message from Jake Lang Wednesday 12/21/22:

"Hey everyone, Merry Christmas, 

God bless you all with the Light of the world, Christ Jesus. 

What I am about to tell you will probably shock you, but it is par for the course. As of this weekend, my only Attorney, Steven Metcalf, has been officially denied / revoked from his ability to have any contact with me at the Federal Penitentiary in Lewisburg PA. 

All my upcoming legal calls have been canceled as of Monday. 

My fundamental right to speak to my attorney has been dissolved by tyrants, my voice more suppressed and my journey for justice thwarted in every conceivable way. 

The US Marshals and the Bureau of Prison higher ups have deemed my legal team a threat to their corrupt CABAL and have now tried to strip me of the last defense I have against the full force of the Biden Regime. These traitors have forsaken their oath to the Constitution and abridged a sacred right of the accused. 

If this can happen to you, this could happen to any American. 

Please stand united with me and take action against this atrocity against American values and civil liberties! 

Call the USP at Lewisburg in a persistent and respectful manner and ask for accountability from our public servants, why they are destroying my Right to speak to my attorney. 

The number is 570-523-1251

You can ask to speak to the legal department head Jennifer Knepper ( Jknepper@bop.gov ) the Warden (Mr. Rickard) or the Pretrial unit Counselors (Mr. Tharp and Reinhart). 

Please also call the US Marshalls Supervisor for the J6 Political Prisoners, Mr. Haywood at 202-772-0373 or 202-772-0301 ... This matter is extremely urgent and if we allow them to desecrate my Rights then they will start to do it to all the other patriots!"

Please make the calls for Jake!

House Bill Would Let January 6 Suspects Move Trials Out Of D.C. For A Jury Of Their Peers

New January 6th Political Prisoners Legal Fund Ad

As you all well know, patriots assembled on January 6 at the United States Capitol to peacefully protest a stolen election. Approximately a million liberty- loving Americans stood in unity and exercised their constitutional right to redress their grievances. Historically, the protest took a violent turn when capital police officers started inciting and brutalizing an unarmed crowd, even killing four defenseless American citizens on the steps of our own capital. 

Now over 900 January 6ers and their families had been persecuted by the Biden regime and the FBI, violently arrested and abused and tortured in prison, some spending over 20 months locked away in gulaglike conditions political prisons inside our very own United States. They are being held without bond visitations, haircuts, religious services, access to evidence and attorneys, and in many cases, complete solitary confinement.

This atrocity highlights the two-tier justice system that villainizes conservative patriots and rewards career criminals. That’s why we started the J-6 Legal Fund to help retain competent conservative attorneys for our newest national heroes. 

J-6 Legal Fund was created by J-6 political prisoner, Jake Lang to ensure full transparency in directing 100% of funds to legal costs. Not a single penny is wasted. In the next upcoming months, hundreds of J 60 patriots will be standing trial against the full force of the corrupt Department of justice and bias DC jury pools. The need for strong legal representation is greater now more than ever. That’s where you come in. The J-6 families are truly grateful for your generous support.

Let’s bring our men home. Please donate today.

Whatever God puts on your heart, go to Jsixlegal.org to make your donation. Thank you. And God bless America.

CLICK HERE TO DONATE TO THE JAN 6th Prisoner Legal Fund!


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