JD Vance Puts Hold on All DOJ Appointments

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Senator JD Vance Vows to Block All DOJ Nominees While Biden Uses Weaponized Justice to Target Political Opposition

Editors Note: Biden has been doing this for THREE YEARS - why didn't Ted Cruz or Rand Paul or Mike Lee or ANY REPUBLICAN do this before now??? While hundreds of innocent American Patriots are being held in the DC Gulog without Trial or Bail!!! Why???

Last Wednesday, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin (D) and Ohio Senator JD Vance (R) confronted each other in the upper chamber over DOJ nominees that Senator Vance refuses to advance with unanimous consent.

Durbin was furious at the blocks JD Vance was putting in front of the Joe Biden nominees for U.S. Attorney and criticized Vance for campaigning on "law and order" while blocking those DOJ nominees advanced by Durbin.  In response, Senator Vance delivered remarks promising to block every DOJ nomination as long as Joe Biden continues weaponizing Main Justice and the USAO nominations to target his political opposition. 

There has been little, if any, Republican push-back to the radical nature of the onslaught brought forth by Biden, DAG Lisa Monaco and AG Merrick Garland.  Factually the Lawfare tactics have increased in weaponized intensity throughout the Biden term in office.

The Republican House has the ability to block the funding mechanism, and the Republican minority in the Senate have the ability to block the nominees. Until now, we have seen little, if any, effort by either chamber to bring the Biden rogue elements to heel.  Perhaps this is the start.  Regardless, it is at least a step in the right direction.


(Firebrand with Matt Gaetz, 11/2/23)

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