Impeachment gets only 13M Viewers!

Congratulations to you and our fellow Americans for following our request yesterday that you "Do NOT Watch this Travesty"!  There are about 253,752,000 adults in America and ONLY 13 million (5%) wasted their time to watch the phony "Impeachment Hearings". That means that 240,752,000 American adults understood that this was nothing but political theater and chose to ignore the whole thing. This DESPITE CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, all the cable news channels and other streaming channels INTERRUPTING REGULAR PROGRAMMING to air this charade - ALL DAY.

The radical, regressive, Democarat/Socialist Left and their media pawns are so detached from reality that they actually thought that the American people would believe this total fraud  was as important as Watergate and the Nixon hearings! Really! They did. Nutty Nancy Pelosi even said so! The leftist bullies were out cursing and demanding  that people be fired because NBC dared to tweet that the hearings lacked "pizzazz". They even tried to force PBS to air the entire hearings AGAIN in the evening after airing it all day - because that is what they did when Nixon was on trial! You can't make this nonsense up!

So, these people who think you and I are so stupid that we would believe their total lies and fabrications, proved ONCE AGAIN that THEY are STUPID! They actually believe that Trump did something wrong - even with ZERO Proof . . . of ANYTHING. Think about the fact that CBS, and NBC, and ABC were so stupid that they angered 80% of their daytime audience just to be politically correct and please their leftist buddies/bullies. Those are all public companies and the executives should all be held accountable by their stockholders for not doing their fiduciary duty and making decisions that are best for the corporations they lead!

So, enjoy this article that breaks it all down and shows just how uninterested the American public is in this latest Democrat/Socialist witch hunt:


Impeachment Hearings Debut With 13M Viewers; Fox News Tops Cable & Broadcast

By Dominic Patten November 14, 2019 10:59am 

It was just by a hair, but the debut of the impeachment hearings against Donald Trump yesterday beat Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress earlier this year …barely.

With a grand total of 13,098,000 Americans tuning in to watch the televised opening of the House Select Committee on Intelligence questioning on Wednesday, Ambassador William Taylor and Deputy Secretary of State George Kent topped the 12.9 million who saw the former FBI Director’s circumspect stint in the hot seat on July 25.

Having said that with Nielsen numbers from Fox News Channel. MSNBC, ABC, CNN, CBS and NBC now in, the 10 AM – 3:30 PM ET hearing stumbled against another big ticket testimony. The Wednesday event, that the former Celebrity Apprentice host insists he didn’t watch, was down a hard 32% from the audience that eyed pink slipped FBI Director James Comey’s appearance before our elected representatives in June 2017.

It should be noted that early Nielsen tally today does not include C-Span and PBS, nor streaming on the likes of Facebook. It also should be noted that those Comey numbers of two years ago included all the Nielsen measured outlets of yesterday plus Telemundo, Univision and Fox Business Network.

Speaking of entitles owned by Rupert Murdoch, FNC won the viewership wars for yesterday’s very partisan hearing with 2.9 million viewers. The outlet was number two in the key news demo of adults 25-54 with an average of 442,000 to ABC’s 496,000 – though it should be noted that the Disney-owned network started things a little earlier at 9:50 AM.

In total audience, MSNBC had 2.7 million viewers, ABC had 2 million and CBS was close behind with 1.9 million. CNN was in fourth place with 1.85 million and NBC was last among the major news players with 1.7 million – though it should be noted the Comcast-owned network was in the unique position of having its sister cable newser as a direct rival for the same feed.

In the 25-43 news demo, NBC was third with 440,000 watching on average over the more than five hours of coverage. AT&T-owned CNN was fourth with 428,000, followed by CBS’ 384,000 and MSNBC’s 365,000.

On the first day of public testimony, Taylor, the top diplomat in Ukraine, and Kent, deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs, testified about the Trump administration’s shadow foreign policy toward Ukraine, in which Rudy Giuliani led an effort to get the country’s president, to commit to an investigation of Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.




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