Missouri Senator Josh Hawley will Challenge Electoral Votes

Hawley First Senator To Announce He’ll Object To Certification Of Electoral College Vote On Jan. 6 along with House Members

Amanda Prestigiacomo, Dec 30, 2020   DailyWire.com

Missouri Republican Sen. Josh Hawley announced Wednesday that he will object to the certification of the Electoral College vote on Jan. 6 — the first senator to make such a declaration.
“Millions of voters concerned about election integrity deserve to be heard,” Hawley said via social media, captioning a statement. “I will object on January 6 on their behalf.”

The GOP senator outlined in his statement that congressional Democrats in the past have similarly objected to the certification process to raise “critical issues,” just as he intends to do. Though, unlike his Democratic counterparts, Hawley surely doesn’t expect to be “praised” by the media.

“Following both the 2004 and 2016 elections, Democrats in Congress objected during the certification of electoral votes in order to raise concerns about election integrity. They were praised by Democratic leadership and the media when they did,” the statement started. “And they were entitled to do so. But now those of us concerned about the integrity of this election are entitled to do the same.”

“I cannot vote to certify the electoral college results on January 6 without raising the fact that some states, particularly Pennsylvania, failed to follow their own state election laws,” the Republican stated. “And I cannot vote to certify without pointing out the unprecedented effort of mega corporations, including Facebook and Twitter, to interfere in this election, in support of Joe Biden.”

“At the very least, Congress should investigate allegations of voter fraud and adopt measures to secure the integrity of our elections. But Congress has so far failed to act,” he asserted.

“For these reasons, I will follow the same practice Democrat members of Congress have in years past and object during the certification process on January 6 to raise these critical issues,” concluded Hawley.

Hawley specifically identified issues concerning the 2020 election in Pennsylvania and influence from Big Tech.

“Any member of the House, joined by a member of the Senate, can contest the electoral votes on Jan. 6. The challenge prompts a floor debate followed by a vote in each chamber,” The Washington Post outlined Wednesday, noting that the Democrats currently control the House and “a number of Senate Republicans have publicly recognized Biden’s victory,” likely leading to an “inevitable” loss for President Doanld Trump.

“Even in the unlikely event that Trump were to prevail in the Senate, where Vice President Pence would be in position to cast a tie-breaking vote if needed, the challenge still would fail given the House vote,” the Post added.

According to The Kansas City Star, Missouri Sen. Roy Blunt, a Republican, and Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell “reportedly tried to dissuade members of the GOP caucus from bringing such an objection in a phone call earlier this month after the Electoral College affirmed Biden’s victory with 306 electoral votes to Trump’s 232.”

Hawley apparently went ahead with the announcement, anyway.

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