How the COVID-19 Fear Peddlers Lost Their Credibility

A 25-Point Primer On Why So Many People Are No Longer Buying The Fear Porn

by J.L. Pattison

This article will not a be a long-winded diatribe, but instead, a quick and to-the-point itemization pointing readers to the reasons why those, who are still able to think critically, are no longer buying into this contrived pandemic.

When you passed edicts demanding that we social distance and wear masks, but you were caught not social distancing and not wearing masks . . . you lost all credibility.

When you paraded before us every doctor and “expert” in a lab coat who parroted the official narrative, but you ignored, censured, shadow banned, and removed the videos of the doctors and experts who contradicted the official narrative . . . you lost all credibility.

When you claimed masks were effective in “stopping the spread,” yet instead of giving prisoners masks, you released them from custody . . . you lost all credibility.

After releasing legitimate criminals from incarceration to help “stop the spread,” then you went out and arrested honest business owners for not complying with the whims of rogue governors, placing those business owners in the same detention facilities you just released real criminals from . . . you lost all credibility.

When you closed churches and small businesses but were perfectly fine with thousands of rioters crowding the streets across America . . . you lost all credibility.

When the throngs of revolutionaries rioting, razing, and plundering America did not result in a spike in Covid cases among the mobs, but you still claimed exercising at a gym, eating in a restaurant, or getting a haircut would endanger the world . . . you lost all credibility.

When on-camera reporters wearing masks shamed those not wearing masks, but their own camera crews get caught not wearing masks . . . you lost all credibility.

When the media used video footage of a busy hospital from Italy, claiming it was a hospital in New York, then after getting caught, claimed it was merely an honest “editing” error, only to use the same footage a week later, alleging it was a hospital in Pennsylvania . . . you lost all credibility.

When the media tried passing off medical staff tending to a Covid patient that was actually a mannequin . . . you lost all credibility.

When the media tried passing off a picture of a hangar full of coffins of shipwreck victims from 2013 as Covid victims from 2020 . . . you lost all credibility.

When you “mixed up” Covid testing kits and constantly fudged the numbers of cases and deaths . . . you lost all credibility.

When deaths from motor vehicle accidents, gunshots, suicides, and those not even tested were labeled as Covid deaths . . . you lost all credibility.

When you announced seventeen people in my own county died of Covid yet there wasn’t even one Covid death in my county . . . you lost all credibility.

When you wasted millions of dollars to convert one of my local hospital’s entire multi-level parking garage into a makeshift facility for Covid patients which was never used and still sits empty to this day . . . you lost all credibility.
Multi-floor parking garage converted to space for Covid patients that was never used and still sits empty

When you kept saying the hospitals were overwhelmed with Covid patients—while simultaneously furloughing hospital staff due to lack of patients . . . you lost all credibility.

When citizen journalists went to these allegedly overwhelmed hospitals and filmed that they were nearly empty, but you responded by banning their videos and falsely labeling their empirical proof of your collusive deception as “fake news” and “false information” . . . you lost all credibility.

When you told us how busy the healthcare workers were saving the lives of Covid patients, yet those nurses found plenty of time during their shifts to perform well-choreographed dance routines for internet videos . . . you lost all credibility.

When some of those same exhausted and overworked dancing nurses also found the time and energy to gleefully provide live interviews on national television about making those dance videos . . . you lost all credibility

When you got caught pulling too-busy-saving-lives hospital staff from their critical jobs to go sit in their own cars in a Covid drive-thru testing line to make the line appear longer for the cameras . . . you lost all credibility.

When the Merriam-Webster dictionary defines a pandemic as a disease that “affects an exceptionally high proportion of the population” yet you keep calling Covid a “pandemic” in spite of it not “affecting an exceptionally high proportion of the population,” while conversely refusing to apply this same fear-mongering, social engineering language to other diseases that are actually affecting more people than Covid . . . you lost all credibility.
Photo by Anna Shvets via Pexels

When you ignore our country’s long history of secret human experimentation on the handicapped in the Willowbrook State School in New York, the incarcerated in the Holmesburg Prison experiment in Pennsylvania, the Stateville Penitentiary study in Illinois, the plutonium injections during the Manhattan Project, the Tuskegee experiments on black men in Alabama, Operation Midnight Climax in California and New York, lacing the French town of Pont-Saint-Esprit with LSD, releasing millions of mosquitoes with yellow fever in Georgia and Florida, spraying San Francisco with bacteria, and spraying St. Louis with radioactive particles, yet you still have the audacity to tell us to trust the government and their “experts” . . . you lost all credibility.

When you tried to convince us that this contrived “pandemic” is now mysteriously causing a coin shortage . . . you lost all credibility.

When you ignored study after study, and expert after expert, who’s tried telling you that your cloth mask is ineffective in preventing the spread of a virus (even a smoker/vaper exhaling smoke/vapor from behind a mask can prove this) . . . you lost all credibility.

When eugenicists have been complaining for years that the world is overpopulated, but now want to force everyone on the planet to receive a vaccine to save the world from a flu that has a recovery rate of greater than 99%, while ignoring the fact that a vaccine has never eradicated the flu , and in spite of Bill Gates (one of those eugenicists you point to as an “expert” even though he does not possess any medical or science degrees) telling the world in 2011 that, if done right, “ new vaccines” would help lower the planet’s population by up to 15 percent, and your only response to this threat is to just shrug your shoulders . . . you lost all credibility.
“The world today has 6.8 billion people; that’s headed up to 9 billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, healthcare, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps ten or fifteen percent.” — Bill Gates (2011 Ted Talk)

When you condescendingly pontificated from your soap boxes and high horses about how bad those who don’t wear masks are—contorting your irrational fear and blind obedience into some sort of modern day virtue—and in spite of the World Health Organization estimating that globally, the annual flu kills up to 650,000 people; H1N1 infected over sixty million people; and tuberculosis took the life of over 1 million people last year alone, yet you did not wear a mask last year, or the year before that, or the year before that, because your television didn’t tell you to . . . you lost all credibility.

If the alleged pandemic is as bad as they say it is, then why are they trying so hard—including the use of dishonesty and deception—to convince you of it? The answers are out there, but it requires you to do your own research, start asking the hard questions, and begin thinking for yourself.

Never forget, the first casualty in any war—even a war on a virus—is always the truth.

When you paraded before us every doctor and “expert” in a lab coat who parroted the official narrative, but you ignored, censured, shadow banned, and removed the videos of the doctors and experts who contradicted the official narrative . . . you lost all credibility.



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