Trump wins SC Primary - by more than results show!

No, 40% of Republicans Did NOT Vote Against Trump in South Carolina – Obama Operatives Used Democrat Voters to Boost Her and damage Trump

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by Raheem J. Kassamm, The National Pulse, February 25, 2024

President Trump resoundingly defeated Nikki Haley in the South Carolina primary on Saturday. Like clockwork, Haley, alongside the nation’s left-leaning media, began to crow that “40% of Republicans” didn’t pick Donald Trump, however. The claim is based on Haley’s vote share of 39.5 percent. But a look under the hood of the claim reveals it to be an outright farce.  


South Carolina is an open primary, and for the past several months, Haley and her supporters on the political left have openly targeted Democrats and other non-Republicans to vote for her in the race. There is vast evidence of this, not least the Associated Press VoteCast’s data from Saturday night.

“Haley dominated among South Carolina voters who… said that Democrat Joe Biden won the 2020 presidential election. Roughly three-quarters of her supporters say Biden was legitimately elected president in 2020, and about 4 in 10 voted for Biden in that election,” the AP reports.

Breaking: Koch Network Withdraws Financial Support for Nikki Haley

POLITICO also admits: “A majority of every age demographic picked Trump over Haley. Men and women both backed Trump. Voters across all income ranges backed him, and he only narrowly lost college graduates while dominating among those without a college degree.”


So it’s already clear that much of Haley’s 39.5 percent did not solely come from Republicans disaffected by Trump. Some folks have already done the fast math.

Institutionally, Haley’s overt efforts in turning out Democrats to “damage” Trump were aided by groups like Primary Pivot – an organization staffed by ‘Never Trump Inc’ operatives from groups like the Lincoln Project, and conceived by an Obama-era USAID operative called Kenneth Schleffler.

On the run-up to the primary, the entity was described by the anti-Trump Dispatch website as “target[ing] Democratic voters who did not vote in their party’s presidential primary… urg[ing] them to vote for Haley. The group has purchased ad time on radio stations in the Charleston, Columbia, and Greenville markets geared toward black audiences.”

The efforts were hyped by ABC NewsFox, the Hill, the State, and POLITICO.

“Robert Schwartz, the co-founder of PrimaryPivot, told The Dispatch… that the super PAC, together with its nonprofit arm PrimaryPower, raised about $700,000 before the New Hampshire primary and expects to have an additional $300,000 to $400,000 to spend on its efforts in South Carolina, Michigan, multiple Super Tuesday states, and Georgia. The group has not disclosed its donors.”

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“We only care about damaging Donald Trump,” Schwartz went on to 
tell POLITICO. “For better or for worse, the only thing you can do if you really want to stop Trump is to vote for Haley.”


And so, once again, we see the nefarious influence of Obama-era operatives in 2024’s political environment. Not content with having already effectively served three terms, the Obama ilk artificially propped up Haley’s vote with Democrat votes. Without them, it is unlikely Haley would have broken 25 percent in her home state – a stunning humiliation.



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