Ohio Republican Calls for Biden Impeachment!

Ohio Congressman Bob Gibbs FILES articles of Impeachment against Biden

UPDATE: GOP Rep. Gibbs Files 3 Articles of Impeachment Against Biden

Believe it or not, Gibbs is having trouble getting other "Republicans" to sign on to the Impeachmenet documents! Only 4 have!!! (Gibbs, plus Reps. Andy Biggs, R-Ariz., Brian Babin, R-Texas, and Randy Weber, R-Texas) Please call YOUR Congressman TODAY, regardless of party, and tell them you support, and want them as your Representative to support, the justified Impeachment of Joe Biden!

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by Marisa Schultz, August 8, 2021

An Ohio congressman on Friday asked his GOP House colleagues to consider filing articles of impeachment against President Biden for an "unconstitutional" order to extend the eviction moratorium and for his "dereliction" of duty in securing the southern border. 

Rep. Bob Gibbs, R-Ohio, sent a letter (Click Here to Read his Letter) to his fellow Republicans urging them to seek impeachment because Biden "continues to disregard his constitutional duties and boundaries," he said.

Gibbs cites Biden bowing to progressive pressure this week to extend a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) eviction moratorium even after the president acknowledged it likely won't pass constitutional muster. The White House previously said its hands were tied by a recent Supreme Court opinion and couldn't extend the protections for renters unilaterally, but Biden reversed course after outrage from the left.

Separately, Gibbs says Biden failed to uphold his constitutional duties by not securing the southern border and "worsening" the coronavirus pandemic by letting COVID-positive migrants into the country. 

"The President is derelict in his duty, having repeatedly said he lacks the authority to extend the CDC’s eviction moratorium, then extending it anyway," Gibbs said in a statement. "His actions on the border represent a negligence in keeping America secure.  We need to cut this off at the pass now and show we will not stand for clearly unconstitutional actions."

Any GOP effort to impeach Biden is a long shot since Republicans don't control the House or the Senate.

Source: Foxnew.com
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