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If you think this fight is just about re-electing President Trump or even just saving America you need to understand that it is about much, much more. After watching this video please watch my newest podcast to gain a deeper understanding. Then read these sample letters I have received from around the world to understand how serious this fight is for the WORLD!


Dear Mr. Thomas R. Zawistowski

My name is Mauro XXXXX.

I am Brazilian and I read the statement by V. Sa., translated into Portuguese, originally published in English, in the Washington Time newspaper.

I want to express my admiration and support for your initiative in defending the republican ideals of this great nation, which is the United States of America, which I admire and have always admired, since my youth.

Whenever someone on the left tries, in some way, to denigrate the image of the USA, I tell them that it is thanks to the efforts of this great country, that that person is not speaking German today. A way of saying that, were it not for the courageous and brave efforts of the American Army, the world would have been under the yoke of Nazism for a long time.

I hope that you really commit yourself to the defense of the republican ideals of the USA, even if, dramatically, the defenders of these ideas have to defend them by force, by weapons, by civil war, if necessary. I have been following recent events, when the maddened mob, stimulated by the communist / socialists of the Democratic Party, anti- patriots, Big Techs and the press, destroys public and private assets, criminally attacking good people, whether young or old, just for being white or Republicans, for not agreeing with their insane ideology. If I could, I would be there, beside you and the good Americans, to fight for this good and noble cause.

I hope you are sorry, as I am not fluent in English and this text, I am sent using the Google Translate feature.



Dear We The People convention,

I wish to simply extend my support to you in this difficult hour and wish you strength and bravery in your fight. The US, it seems, is again facing a threat and the time is again, near at hand, which must again determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves. I am not an American but I am not naive enough to think the outcome of this fight we be restrained only to your country or that the possibly terrible consequences will only stay within your borders.

I, along with many others, understand the fight we, the free people of the West, are facing. The United States has always been a country of extremes and as a result the race to the future ideas and ideologies is always faster there, but what is now happening in the US will soon happen elsewhere, we in other countries will soon face the same threat and, I would argue, are perhaps already facing it in the form of lockdowns and draconian measures under the disguise of public safety and well-being, it is, as always, for the greater good. Every evil dictatorship had been established for the greater good, it was always for the protection and prosperity of the people being shackled, it had always been dressed as something good.

And now too, with communists again gaining extraordinary power around the globe, it is for the betterment of mankind, or so they say. I am, if only in spirit, with you all. Fight for your freedom, for liberty, for the fates of millions of the unborn so soon to be determined.

We too will soon face this battle and I hope we will find in you the inspiration and the courage to fight for our and our children’s futures and liberty. I am eagerly awaiting your move, the struggle which will set the trend for hundreds of millions around the globe. We, the people of the West, must again rely on you, Americans, to help us win the fight. We, the people of the West, must again look up to you and your flag for salvation and rescue. We, the people of the West, are with you as you’ve always been there for us. God be with you all!



Hi Tom,
I’m in new Zealand and have been following what is unfolding in your country and certainly hope Trumps pulls through other wise we are all toast. We had an election and for the first time ever the vote went to Labour which is now led by a communist . She is changing our laws so China can take us over needless to say we are pretty concerned. It is important that Trumps wins and sorts the Chinese out. I am quite sure our election was interfered by Dominion as well. Keep up the good work.





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