PROOF that the Democrat/Communist Party is OWNED by China!

If you think you are a "Democrat" you are fooling yourself because your party does NOT EXIST!
A vote for ANY Democrat/Socialist is a vote AGAINST AMERICA!

CLICK these Links and SEE the Proof:

Chinese State Media Chief Confirms CCP ‘Wants Biden’

Biden Business Partner Confirms Biden Family China Ties - provides emails, texts, contracts, other documents and first person witness accounts that Joe Biden got money from China

E-mails Show: Hunter Biden Had $30M Deal With Chinese Oligarchs. Text says: Joe Biden Took Half of Relatives’ Income from that deal

Former CIA operative: China uses Dems as 'useful idiots' to spread propaganda, Biden 'in the tank' for Beijing

Hunter Biden flew on Air Force 2 with father Vice-President Joe Biden and returns with $1.5 Billion from Communist Controled Bank of  China

Why China Is Rooting for Joe Biden to win 2020 Presidential race

Hunter Biden teamed with Chinese military supplier to acquire dual-use Michigan auto parts maker

Obama, Biden cronies made billions off China trade deals and regulatory policies

China is Funding Black Lives Matters (BLM) the "Military Wing" of the Demcoract/Socialist Party and current verision of the former KKK

Kamala Harris' Husband's Firm promotes Communist Chinese Interests and employees CCP Members

Report: China closely tied to socialist groups (ANTIFA & BLM) that organized 2020 U.S. riots in Democrat Run Cities

Democrat D.C. Mayor Bowser Partners With FBI-flagged Chinese Communist Front Group

Democrats are Avoiding the China Question

Pompeo warns of China influence in state, local governments - Democratic lawmakers were invited to attend but it did not appear that any did.

Proof of the Clintons’ Collusion With Chinese Communists That No One Talks About

AZ Democrat Senate Candidate: Mark Kelly Facing Backlash for Company's Ties to China

2019 List of Socialists and Communists in U.S. Congress

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