Conservatives Overthrow the RINO Establishment in Missouri!

Breaking: Grassroots Revolution Overthrows RINOs at Missouri State GOP Convention

by Joe Hoft, Gateway, May 5, 2024

Like many other states, Missouri’s America First citizens don’t have a voice in their government. Although they are the super majority in the state, they are not being heard, and what they want for their state is not happening. Even though the GOP runs the state with a huge majority, key conservative policies and beliefs are pushed aside.

Leading up to the event, platform amendments were passed at county and district caucuses to be reviewed by the platform committee and implemented at the convention. The draft presented by the GOP completely ignored every amendment passed and watered down the current version of the platform.

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Because of the disenfranchisement of the conservative base in Missouri, the grassroots rose up against the RINOs at the convention.  They planned to unseat every RINO, swap the RINO agenda with an America First agenda, and force a revised platform to be voted on.

When the convention began, the effort to bring MAGA back to Missouri started. The RINOs in the party were shocked and spent the next three hours talking about all sorts of nothing while they tried to figure out ways that they could overcome the conservative coup.

The stalling from the GOP RINOs went on for three hours as they tried to figure out how to overcome the grassroot majority’s effort to take back the party.

Eventually, Sophia Shore was voted in as the GOP Chairwoman of the convention. This was a win and the beginning of the grassroots efforts in taking back their party.

GOP conservatives cheered when the grassroots supported GOP Chairwoman was elected to her new role instead of a RINO.

And just like that, the RINO platform was voted down!!!



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