Chris Christie Convinced Trump to Make Wray FBI Director

Chris Christie recommended Wray to Trump for FBI director - Now Christie is coming in to the race to attack Trump!

by Mike Huckabee, DailyNewsletter, June 1, 2023

While this is technically an FBI update, let’s take a moment to consider the impending presidential candidacy of former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.  I guarantee you there’re related.

In May of 2019, former U.S. Attorney Joe DiGenova revealed who it was that recommended Christopher Wray for the position of FBI director to replace the disastrous James Comey after Trump fired him.  DiGenova said it in an interview for WMAL, which we’d link to but the audio appears to have been taken down.  Fortunately, GATEWAY PUNDIT has a number of eye-opening quotes from the interview about Wray and what he was up to even back then.  DiGenova also reveals who recommended Wray for the job.

It was Chris Christie.

This is a must-read article, offering details of what Wray was doing to protect the FBI back in the Steele “dossier” days.  Yes, these are allegations, made by one person, but in the time since DiGenova made them in 2019, we’ve seen Wray repeatedly live up to them.

https://www.thegatewaypundit. com/2019/05/revealed-former- new-jersey-governor-chris- christie-betrayed-president- trump-recommended-fbi- director-chris-wray/

Later, in November 2021, when Christie had a memoir coming out, BUSINESS INSIDER did a piece quoting a few preview excerpts from the new book.  Christie had written that Trump blamed him for recommending Wray to be FBI director, telling him one day when they were together during a debate prep session that Wray was “the worst member” of his administration.  “Do you want to know who the worst member of my administration is?” Trump asked Christie, according to the book REPUBLICAN RESCUE.  Your guy.  Your guy Chris Wray.  He’s the worst.”

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Christie actually credited himself in this book for Wray’s hiring, as it apparently was done after he personally vouched for him.  Wray had been Christie’s attorney during his New Jersey “Bridgegate” scandal.  (Recall that this weird scandal involved the prosecution of then-Gov. Christie’s top aides for allegedly retaliating against a Democrat mayor by closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge.)  Wray was in private practice then, and billed New Jersey taxpayers $2.1 million for representing the New Jersey governor.  Christie wrote that he’d “always been impressed by [Wray’s] intelligence, professionalism, and his work ethic.”

As recounted in the book, Christie defended Wray to Trump: “He’s really not [the worst], Mr. President.  In fact, he’s done a great job with the FBI.  He’s reshaping it, reclaiming it.  He’s fired all the people who were executive types in the Comey administration.  Chris Wray is doing a great job for you.”

Trump pushed back, according to the book.  “No, he’s not.  He’s doing an awful job, and he’s your pick.  He was your pick.”  Christie tried to say he was actually Trump’s pick --- though we can clearly see that Wray was chosen on Christie’s strong recommendation --- and defended Wray again, saying Wray was “one of the best picks you’ve made in the entire four years.”

According to the book, Trump blew up at this.  “Bull-BLEEP!” he yelled, and abruptly ended their debate prep session.

Keep in mind, this story was being reported by the left-leaning BUSINESS INSIDER as Christie’s book was about to come out, in 2021.  The subtext was not Trump’s frustration with a wrong pick, but his anger at Wray over his “failure to investigate Biden and his son Hunter.”  At that time, the anti-Trump media were characterizing Trump’s desire to investigate the Bidens as a political move and a Very Bad Thing.  So Christie was the good guy for recommending Wray.  Wow, there’s been a lot of water under the George Washington Bridge since then. reamed-chris-christie- recommending-160011557.html? fr=sycsrp_catchall

Christie and Wray go way back.  During the George W. Bush administration, they worked together at the Department of Justice.  While Christie was a U.S. attorney for the District of New Jersey, Wray was assistant attorney general leading the Criminal Division at the DOJ.  Christie has said they worked together “a lot” during this time.

Here are a few more fun facts linking Christie with Wray, as presented by the news outlet (don’t laugh) HEAVY. 06/christopher-wray- bridgegate-chris-christie- lawyer-attorney/

Christie said on Wednesday that he was planning to announce his candidacy next week.  Tell us, Mr. Wray Advocate, after the disaster that Wray has been, how you think you’re going to get even one vote in the Republican primary now that we know your role in choosing him --- besides, of course, those of your immediate family and, of course, Christopher Wray and his friends in the permanent bureaucracy.

(Editors Note: In our analysis Chris Christie is not entering the Presidential Primary because he thinks he can win. He is being paid by big donors, who want Trump to Lose, to constantly attack Trump and draw his fire so that Ron DeSantis can stick to policy issues and come across as being a more "acceptable conservative" to moderates and not be damaged by Trump's attacks. Remember, "There are no coincidences in Politics!")

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Now, to the FBI update.  House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer and Sen. Charles Grassley reportedly spoke with Wray on the phone as scheduled Wednesday about the possible release of a document that has been in the FBI’s possession for four years.  According to an FBI whistleblower, this document, a Form “1023,” contains a detailed allegation by a confidential human source (CHS) that then-Vice President Biden accepted a $5 million bribe from a foreign national in exchange for specific policy decisions.  The document has been under subpoena by the Oversight Committee for the past month, and Wray has yet to turn it over.

Recall that the FBI whistleblower told CBS NEWS that the Bureau was actively labeling evidence against Hunter Biden as “disinformation” when they knew it was true.

Sean Hannity interviewed Comer Wednesday night about the phone call.  Director Wray did finally admit the form exists and that they have it, and he gave Comer the opportunity to review it in a secure setting --- a “SCIF” --- but even in that setting it was going to be redacted, so Comer is not satisfied.  Unless he can see the complete unredacted version, he’s still planning to move forward with charging Wray with contempt.

“The level of confidence that we have in Director Wray only went down” during the phone call, as he only admitted the existence of the “1023” after (this is new) Comer and Grassley told him they’d already seen it --- I assume in at least somewhat redacted form --- and knew what it alleged.  “All we want is this form,” Comer said.  “And it’s not classified.  They can redact the name of the informant.  I’m fine with that.  I would’ve redacted it if I had the document, you know, without that redaction.  Let’s protect the human informant…”  But Wray wants more redactions.

Apparently, most news reports on the phone call left out that one little detail about Wray offering to show them only a redacted version.  Look --- even FOX NEWS left it out. politics/house-republicans-to- begin-to-hold-wray-in- contempt-as-fbi-refuses-to- produce-biden-document-to-oversight


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