Chinese Money Transfers Had Joe Biden's Address on Them

$260,000 In Chinese Wires To Hunter Biden Listed Joe Biden’s Home As Beneficiary Address

by Ryan Saavedra,, September 26, 2023

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, allegedly received wires sent from inside communist China for more than a quarter of a million dollars in 2019 that listed Joe Biden’s home in Delaware as the address for the beneficiary of the money.

Fox News reported that House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer (R-KY) obtained the information after subpoenaing bank records. The banks produced “records of two wires originating from Beijing, China and linked to BHR Partners,” a joint-venture between Hunter Biden’s company and a Chinese investment company where Hunter Biden served on the Board of Directors, the report said.

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The two wires that were sent to Hunter Biden in the Summer of 2019 totaled $260,000 and listed Hunter Biden as the beneficiary, but listed his father’s home in Delaware as his address.

The report noted that Hunter Biden allegedly lived in the home during various points in time from 2017 through 2019, but it was not clear if he was living at the home when the $10,000 wire was sent in July 2019 or when the second wire for $250,000 was sent in August 2019.

“Bank records don’t lie but President Joe Biden does,” Comer said in a statement. “In 2020, Joe Biden told Americans that his family never received money from China. We’ve already proved that to be a lie earlier this year, and now we know that two wires originating from Beijing listed Joe Biden’s Wilmington home as the beneficiary address when he was running for President of the United States. When Joe Biden was vice president, he spoke on the phone and had coffee with Jonathan Li in Beijing, and later wrote a college letter of recommendation for his children.”

“Joe Biden’s abuse of public office for his family’s financial gain threatens our national security,” he added. “What did the Bidens do with this money from Beijing? Americans demand and deserve accountability for President Biden and the First Family’s corruption. The Oversight Committee, along with the Judiciary and Ways and Means Committees, will continue to follow the evidence and money to provide transparency and accountability.”



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