Carlson Exposes "Conservative" Groups for taking Big Tech Bribes

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AFP, FreedomWorks, Heritage and 19 others have been found by the group Campaign for Accountablity and exposed by Tucker Carlson, to be working with Big Tech to help silence real Conservatives.  I can now share with you the full report that identifies these mostly Koch funded groups so you can get the facts for yourself and even download the full report. Any group, conservative or not, that is fighting to protect Big Tech's monopoly on information is the enemy of Freedom and not worthy of your support! 
"Around 2013, for example, Google for the first time provided “substantial” funding to Americans for Tax Reform, the Federalist Society, the American Conservative Union, and Heritage Foundation’s Heritage Action, according to company disclosures. The same year, Google was also the single largest donor to the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s annual dinner."

It is an OUTRAGE that supposed "Conservative" Organizations are taking Big Tech money to Stop Congress from stopping Big Tech Censorship of Conservatives.  We have brought this to your attention before (Click Here) and now we have new evidence that these organizations have BETRAYED ALL OF US! 

Our Government GAVE Big Tech the power to censor us and to manipulate us with impunity. Our Government now needs to stop Big Tech but they will not because not only are these "conservative" organizations taking money, so are your Congressmen and Senators and their staff members. We must call the White House and demand that President Trump use the FTC and other agencies to take away the "special rights" that Big Tech has proven they do not deserve! 

Listen to this DAMNING report by Tucker Carlson on Fox and learn how Big Tech is donating to these organizations, we have come to trust, to get them to work AGAINST Conservatives - against YOU and I !  If you donate to them STOP! If you volunteer for them CALL THEM AND TELL THEM TO STOP taking Big Tech bribes and stop working against our 1st Amendment Rights!


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