We are being BETRAYED by these Koch Organizations

Yesterday – these mostly Koch funded and libertarian organizations – threw ALL Conservatives under the Bus by urging Congress NOT to change Section 230 of the Communications Decency ACT which is the Law that allows Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Google and others to censor our communications without any liability for their actions. These TRAITORS are trying to tell you, me and Congress in this pathetic letter that “Section 230 has allowed anyone with Internet connectivity to have a voice that can be heard around the world.”

Yea, well as I have documented since 2017, and you have experienced personally, right now our voice can’t be heard by anyone because “our” Government gave Big Tech the legal right, that no other companies have, to decide who’s voice can be heard and whose will be silenced. Guess who’s voice is being silenced? Yet these so-called “conservative” groups are fighting our attempts to stop this infringements on our Free Speech rights!

It’s REAL SIMPLE, either the monopolies of Google and Facebook are communications services who just deliver our communications and have NOTHING to say about the content, like your cell phone or landline phone, OR they are media companies who are subject to the same laws as newspapers, radio and TV where we can sue them if they treat us unfairly. They can be one or the other but they can’t be both!

Stop Donating to these Group and Stop Volunteering for them!
They Don’t Support Trump and they are NOT working for YOU!
Read this article about how they are going AGAINST TRUMP!

Koch’s will not back Trump in 2020
Koch’s Suggest they will back Democrats and officials who support amnesty for Dreamers
Koch’s and Soros give $500,000 to help fund Iran Lobby Group
AFP Ohio joins Environmentalist to try and block HB 6

Don’t be Silenced!
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Tom Zawistowski
We the People Convention

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