Here is Who to Call to Kill the $1.5 Trillion 'Infrastructure' Bill

PATRIOTS MUST ACT NOW to Defend our Freedom, Liberty and Prosperity by Killing this Socialism Implementing $1.5 Trillion "Infrastructure" Bill!

Nancy Pelosi Caves, Pushed Infrastructure Vote Deadline To Halloween!- October 2, 2021

Manchin Changes Tune on His Top-line Number for Spending Package - October 5, 2021

UPDATE: House delays infrastructure vote Thursday!

So just what is in the $3.5 Trillion Budget Plan - LOTS OF BAD!

Sinema Flames Pelosi in Blistering Statement for 'Inexcusable' Failure to Hold Infrastructure Vote
- October 1, 2021

The Democrats are on the ropes and we must knock them out so that they do not pass this phony $1.5 Trillion "Infrastructure" Bill in which only 24% actually fixes road, bridges, airports and other real infrastructure. This is another bait-and-switch and a MASSIVE money grab to fund the Left's anti-American national and local operations through the 2024 Election. If this and the $3.5 Trillion "Budget" Bill pass, which ads up to $5 Trillion but will end up spending $8 Trillion we don't have, our America, YOUR AMERICA, will be gone FOREVER!

These bills litterally are intended to wipe out private business owners, raise energy costs like never before, raise taxes on every American even as they LIE by saying it will only raise taxes on the rich, tie Big Tech and Big Business closer to Big Government, indoctrinate your children and grandchildren from pre-school through "college", makes Transgenderism a protected legal class, give illegal immigrants automatic citizenship and voting rights, and put the majority of Americans on the "Government Plantation" so that they can control you!

I EMPLORE YOU, even if you have Never Called your Congressman before to do so NOW and tell them that YOU do NOT want this "infrastructure" Bill to pass, nor do you want them to vote for the "Budget" Bill. Call your U.S. House Member AND YOUR U.S. Senator and tell them as YOUR REPRESENTATIVE that you want them to vote NO on Both Bills! WE MUST STOP THIS BY ENCORAGING REPUBLICANS AND THE DEMOCRATS LISTED BELOW WHO ARE ON OUR SIDE TO VOTE NO!
If you live in the state of any of these people PLEASE get everyone you know to Call them NOW:


Don Bacon (NE) - Bacon, a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, confirmed to The Hill that he intends to vote for the bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Brian Fitzpatrick (PA) - The co-chair of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus, Fitzpatrick says he will back the bill.

John Katko (NY) - A spokesperson for Katko, another Problem Solvers Caucus member, told The Hill that he plans to back the legislation.

Adam Kinzinger (IL) - Kinzinger has broken with his party on several issues, including former President Trump's impeachment, and has indicated he will back the infrastructure bill. "I support the legislation passed by the Senate, as well as the bipartisan negotiations that made it possible," Kinzinger said after Senate passage in August.

Tom Reed (NY)- Reed, the former Problem Solvers co-chair, told The Hill that he plans to vote for the bill.

Fred Upton (MI) - "Our infrastructure in Michigan is woeful. We need to rebuild our roads, bridges & ports. We need to expand rural broadband. We need to strengthen our energy grid. The bipartisan infrastructure bill does just that & more. Let's do our jobs & pass this commonsense bill ASAP," Upton tweeted Sept. 22.

Don Young (AK) - A spokesperson for Young confirmed to The Hill that he will vote for the bill.


Jamaal Bowman (NY) - Bowman told reporters at the Capitol on Sept. 29 that "I will be a no" on the bipartisan infrastructure bill without the social spending package in hand.

Cori Bush (MO) - "I will not support and vote for a bipartisan infrastructure bill that comes before reconciliation," Bush, a member of the "squad," said Tuesday on MSNBC's "The ReidOut."

Yvette Clarke (NY) - “I cannot in good conscience support this ‘bipartisan’ infrastructure deal — which seems to lack any meaningful Republican support in the House — without assurances the Build Back Better Act will become law and not watered down by special interests seeking to maintain a status quo,” Clarke said in a Sept. 21 statement.

Mark DeSaulnier (CA) - “It is past time for us to invest in traditional infrastructure, but America has never invested in human infrastructure in the way the rest of the developed world has. We have to invest in both, and we cannot do one without the other. The stakes are too high and America’s working families have been left behind for too long,” DeSaulnier said in a statement Wednesday.

Veronica Escobar (TX) - “I won’t support the bipartisan infrastructure bill until we first pass the Build Back Better Act,” Escobar tweeted Thursday.

Jesús García (IL) - “Not knowing more details,” Garcia said of the social spending package, “I remain committed to that proposition" to oppose the infrastructure bill Monday.

Jared Huffman (CA) - “I am prepared to vote NO on the Senate’s ‘BIF’ unless and until we know that the Build Back Better Act will also become law,” Huffman tweeted Tuesday. “This is not just about political leverage, it’s about policy and preserving a livable planet.”

Pramila Jayapal (WA) - Jayapal, the chairwoman of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, has vowed that more than half her group won’t back the bipartisan infrastructure bill if the $3.5 trillion package isn’t ready yet.

Hank Johnson (GA) - “I will vote NO on BIF unless the Senate passes BBB, so we can finally empower human infrastructure and women,” Johnson tweeted Thursday. 

Andy Levin (MI) - “We said what we said,” Levin tweeted Sept. 21. “No bipartisan infrastructure bill without the Build Back Better Act.”

Ro Khanna (CA) - Khanna told CNN's Jake Tapper on Friday evening that he would vote against the infrastructure bill if it was put on the floor without the demands of progressives being met. He predicted as many as 49 Democrats would vote "no" if the vote was held in such a situation.

Mondaire Jones (NY) - "We've been clear all along: the Senate's bipartisan infrastructure deal and the Build Back Better bill must move in tandem," Jones tweeted Tuesday. "I'm looking forward to voting for the Senate deal if, and only if, we also pass a reconciliation bill that meets this moment."

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) - Ocasio-Cortez has vowed for weeks that progressives will hold to their end of the "bargain" and withhold votes if the reconciliation package they want isn't passed yet. "If there is not a reconciliation bill in the House and if the Senate does not pass the reconciliation bill, we will uphold our end of the bargain and not pass the bipartisan bill until we get all of these investments in," Ocasio-Cortez said on CNN's "State of the Union" last month.

Ilhan Omar (MN) - Omar, another member of the “squad” who serves as the Progressive Caucus whip, has been adamant that progressives will not back the bipartisan bill without the social spending package in hand.

Mark Pocan (WI) - “What they're really doing, honestly, is they're protecting the special interests that don't want to pay for this,” Pocan said of centrists balking at the $3.5 trillion package during a virtual town hall Tuesday. “The best way we make sure that doesn't happen is we don't vote for one bill without the other. Because if we vote for the infrastructure bill, I don't know if some of the senators who are, let's just say, a little more special-interest friendly will do the right thing and get the other bill done.”

Katie Porter (CA) - "Congress now faces a choice: advance the entirety of an agenda that gets American families the help they need, or deliver only a fraction of it. That's why we, as leaders of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, remain committed to voting for the infrastructure bill only after the Build Back Better Act is passed," Porter, the Progressive Caucus deputy chair, wrote in a joint CNN op-ed on Monday with Jayapal and Omar.

Jan. Schakowsky (IL) - "If she [Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)] were to call the bill, it will fail," the Illinois Democrat told The Hill on Sept. 28. Schakowsky, a close ally of Pelosi's, added: "Not because the Progressive Caucus, people like me, aren't willing to vote for it. But ... we had an agreement that we were going to get these two pieces [together]."

Rashida Tlaib (MI) - Tlaib, a “squad” member, confirmed that she would also vote against the bipartisan bill until the larger social benefits package is completed. “Same here,” she tweeted Tuesday in response to Huffman.

Paul Tonko (NY) - "Before we take action on the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act in the House, we must have a clear path forward from the Senate on the Build Back Better Act," Tonko tweeted.

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