Clerks Charged after Releasing Audit Showing Election Fraud

In what looks like Political Intimidation, Colorado's Tina Peters and Belinda Knisley were jailed after releasing Election Audit Showing Dominion Voting Machines were Connected to the Internet

by World Tribune, March 10, 2022

Mesa County, Colorado Clerk Tina Peters turned herself in after being indicted on several felony counts stemming from her investigation into fraud in the 2020 election including the role played by Denver-based Dominion Voting Systems.

After a grand jury indicted her, Peters turned herself in on Wednesday afternoon at the Mesa County jail. Her bond was set at $500,000.

Peters is running this year to unseat Democratic Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold. Backed by billionaire George Soros, Griswold last year imposed a ban on Arizona-style third-party election audits.

If Peters is successful, she would be the state’s top elections official.

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Peters, in a March 1 letter to the Board of County Commissioners, delivered a forensic analysis of the Internet-connected Dominion Voting Systems equipment which she termed "uncertifiable".

In a forensic analysis of the images of the Dominion system drive, cybersecurity experts found the system was found to contain 36 wireless devices and was configured to “allow any computer in the world” to connect to Mesa County’s election system server.

The analysis also found uncertified software that had been illegally installed on the system’s server, Peters noted.

This report details the following critical discoveries regarding Mesa County's voting system:
  • Uncertified software installed, rendering the voting system unlawful for use in elections.
  • Does not meet statutorily mandated Voting System Standards (VS) and could not have
  • been lawfully certified for purchase or use.
  • Suffered systematic deletion of election records (audit log files required by Federal and State law to be generated and maintained), which, in combination with other issues revealed in this report, creates an unauditable "back door" into the election system.
  • Violates Voting Systems Standards ("VSS") which expressly mandate prevention of the ability to "change calculated vote totals." This report documents this non-compliance from the logged-in EMS server, from a non-DVS computer with network access, and from a cell phone (which may be possible if any of the 36 internal wireless devices in voting system components are deliberately or accidentally enabled and a password is obtained).
  • Mandatory VSS "System Auditability" required features are disabled.
  • Is configured with 36 wireless devices, which represent an extreme and unnecessary vulnerability, and which may be exploited to obtain unauthorized access from external devices, networks, and the Internet.
  • Is configured through firewall settings to allow any computer in the world to connect to the Election Management System (EMS) server.
  • Uses only a Windows password with generic user IDs to restrict and control access.
  • Contains user accounts with administrative access that share passwords, subverting VSS- required user accountability and action traceability controls.
  • Uses a self-signed encryption certificate which exposes the system to the risk of undetected compromise or alteration.
In November, FBI agents raided the home of Peters, who has called for audits of the 2020 election and is a Gold Star mom.

“Not men with suits and badges, soldiers with automatic weapons and combat gear so it was pretty over the top,” Peters said at the time. “We are living in a world where the FBI is turning on anyone who speaks out against the Biden administration.”

The indictment came after numerous local, state and federal investigations into alleged election equipment tampering.

Former law professor David Clements wrote in a Telegram post: "Unreal. The Colorado SOS and her county vote traffickers subvert the election and the only honest clerk in the state is indicted."

Joe Oltmann, a Denver businessman who exposed claims about the 2020 election by a Dominion Voting Systems executive, said in a Telegram post: "County Clerk of Mesa County Tina Peters and Belinda Knisley is in jail tonight. The bail was set at $500,000 for a gold star mom. Where are we men? These pieces of trash who have manipulated and weaponized the legal process need to pay. $500,000 because she exposed the fraudulent election of 2020. We are growing close to having to throw them all out."

Peters, in a statement, called the indictment “politically motivated” and vowed she would not abandon her bid to become secretary of state despite calls from state Republicans to do so.

The indictment does not preclude Peters from running to be Colorado’s secretary of state.


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