Biden's Desperate Attack on MAGA Republicans Failing

More voters are concerned about the 'Socialist Left' than about 'MAGA Republicans.'

by Matt Lamb,, September 20, 2022

A majority of voters are more concerned about the harms from the “Socialist Left” than “MAGA Republicans,” according to a new poll from Harvard University.

The poll asked 1,885 registered voters for their thoughts on American politics.

“Are you more concerned about the Socialist left in America and the power they are gaining or more afraid of MAGA Republicans and the power they are getting?” one question asked. Fifty-five percent were more concerned about socialists than “MAGA Republicans.” The poll was conducted a week after President Joe Biden’s speech in Philadelphia.

“MAGA Republicans” is the term used by Biden and his team to describe social and fiscal conservatives who want to abolish abortion or want reforms to the social safety net such as Medicare and Social Security. He and his team have called those Republicans a “threat” to the country.

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Voters also are not buying into Biden’s claims that conservative Republicans want to destroy the country.

“Do you think there are tens of millions of dangerous MAGA Republicans backing violence and trying to overthrow the constitution or is that a gross exaggeration and distortion?” the Harvard poll asked.

While 73 percent of Democrats agreed with that statement, many Republicans and independents did not. Eighty percent of Republicans believed the claim of dangerous Republicans was a gross exaggeration while 58 percent of independents also rejected Biden’s characterization.

Most Republicans and independents also believe the president is demonizing conservatives as a way to avoid talking about “inflation, immigration, crime and other issues.”

Sixty-eight percent of independents responded that they believe Biden is not being fair when he attacks “MAGA Republicans” and instead is “trying to avoid talking about inflation, immigration, crime and other issues.” Eighty-one percent of Republicans criticized Biden’s assertions, along with almost one in three Democrats.

The Harvard poll is the latest evidence that Biden’s repeated attacks against half of the country are falling flat and failing to sway Republicans and independent voters.



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